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Kids 12 and Under Free Every Sunday! 

Fun for Kids and Families

The Texas Renaissance Festival is a magical place for family fun and entertainment.

Enchanting Entertainment

Thrill to charge of knights jousting on their mighty steeds. Fall under the spell of the faery court. Laugh and be amazed at the clowns, jugglers, acrobats, and magicians performing on stages throughout the village or watch with excitement as birds of prey soar through the air.

Royal Birthday Party packages for your prince or Princess! Packages Include:

      • One hour in Party Hut
      • Lemonade
      • 2 Pizzas (Cheese and Pepperoni or just Cheese)
      • Cake (Queen’s Pantry Famous Comfort Cake with Chocolate or White Icing)
      • Royal Birthday Proclamation Card signed by King and Queen
      • Royal Birthday Proclamation to the entire Village of New Market
      • Fairies, Pirates or Puppets character visit with games and birthday song.

For additional information and pricing please email groups@texrenfest.com

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Suggested Entertainment



Stage/Performance Area


Clan Tynker

Globe Stage


Fire Whip Show

Falconer’s Heath


Birds of Prey

Falconer’s Heath


Fool Hearty

The Florentine Gazebo


The Nightingale

The Florentine Gazebo


Children’s School of Sword

The Cloister & The Green


Cast In Bronze

The Cloister & The Green


The Joust

The Arena


Arsene the Clown

The Odeon Stage


School of Dance

Titania’s Bower Stage


The Living Fountain

Titania’s Bower Stage


Delightful Demonstrations

Education can be fun, too. Our interactive demonstrating artists will show children the arts of paper and broom making, weaving, painting, and pottery. Glass blowers, blacksmiths, and coin makers demonstrate their craft and a true replica of the Guttenberg Press will allow children to see how bookmaking changed the course of history.


Stage/Performance Area



Shoppe 506

Throughout the Day


Shoppe 523A


Broom Making

Shoppe 523 B

Throughout the Day

Candle Making

Designs in Wax

Shoppe 323

Throughout the Day

Coin Minting

TRF Royal Mint

Shoppe 135A


Glass Blowing

Hot Glass

Shoppe 525


Print and Paper Making

Guttenberg Press

Shoppe 138

Throughout the Day

Bee’s Wax Candle Making

The Wax Chandlers

Shoppe 214

Throughout the Day

Weaving and Spinning

Shoppe 135 A&B

Throughout the Day

Many other artists and craftspeople will be demonstrating their skills inside their shoppes.  Peek in and see what they might be doing!

Rides, Games, and Activities

There are hand powered rides, fun games of skill, exciting attractions, and fun children’s activities located throughout New Market Village. Most rides and activities cost between $3 to $5 per person, though prices vary, so ask your attendant.

Dove Meadow Area

Arena Area

The Enchanted Forest Area

Florence Gazebo Area

The Odeon Stage Area

The King’s Carousel

Leonardo’s Catapult

The Museum of Cruelty

The Young Apprentice Shoppe Kid’s Crafts

Slayer’s Castle 3-D House

& Torture Museum

Spinning Dragon Eggs

King of the Log

The Dizzy Dragons

Your hand in Wax

The Brachiator

The Cage

The Amazing Maze

Storm the Castle

King of The Log

Jacob’s Ladder


Archery Game

The Joust Tower

Jacob’s Ladder

The Executioner and

Head Games

Pony Rides

The Longbows

Carriage Rides

Elephant & Camel Rides

The Dragon Swing

Children’s Petting Zoo

The Royal Quintain

The King’s Swings

The Neptune’s  Swings

Fisherman’s Folly

Test of Strength

Throwing Games

The Natutilus

Catapulting Frogs


Three Muskets Hares

Friar’s Frolic

Crossbows & Darts

Test of Strength

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