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The Best Camping in Texas is at The Fields of New Market!

May 06, 2021


Is it time to get away from the house? After so long staying indoors, an outdoor getaway might seem like the perfect answer. But where in this gigantic state will you go? There are camping opportunities in the hills, the state parks, by the river - you could spend a week trying to decide!

Or, you could follow the sounds of merrymaking to The Fields of New Market for the best camping in Texas!

All Kinds of Camping

Enjoying the great outdoors means a little something different to everyone. Some prefer nothing between them and the night sky but a bit of tarp, while others prefer the comfort of a cozy cabin.

Fortunately, The Fields of New Market is prepared to host campers of every description. Whether you prefer your RV, a trailer, or just a good old-fashioned tent, we've got you covered. How about a fancy pants bell-style tent with beds for all you "glampers" out there? Or four walls and a roof in one of our cabins? Check and check.

A Day of Adventure

After a night under the stars, the question of what to do with your day can loom large. Not at The Fields of New Market! Here, you're within walking distance of the largest renaissance faire in the land - the Texas Renaissance Festival!

Enjoy a full day of feasting and fun with hundreds of shoppes, shows, and attractions to choose from. Have you ever seen a man remove a pretzel from his head with a flaming bullwhip? Or eaten the crispy-fried delicacy known as a Scotch egg? How about attending a jousting tournament with the kids? At the Texas Renaissance Festival, you can do it all before lunch!

After a spectacular fireworks display ends the festivities, you won't have a long drive ahead of you, just a nice stroll back to camp.

Something for Everyone

Are you camping with your friends? Family? A rowdy group of strangers you just met at the faire? No matter the answer, The Fields of New Market has everything you need to make your camping experience perfect.

For the family crowd, check out our "Quiet Camping Area." After a long day at the festival, you don't want raucous revelers keeping your little ones awake. Let them wind down with activities at our welcoming bonfire from 6 pm-8 pm nightly. Putting off the long drive home until the whole family is well-rested is worth the price of admission alone!

If you are one of those raucous revelers, you'll be happy to know that the other areas of our campground offer plenty of opportunities for late-night entertainment and socializing. You'll find live music, performers, and games around the bonfires. Don't forget our two convenience stores for snacks and drinks.

No matter what you want your camping experience to be, you'll be able to enjoy the many amenities we have to offer. Easy access to showers and drinking water, convenient trash receptacles, and bathrooms (both permanent and portable), plus 24-hour security. And did we mention the food trucks?

Don't Miss Out on Camping This Festival Season!

With so many options for so many types of camper, you're sure to have a fantastic time. The Fields of New Market are truly the best camping in Texas!

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