The Wonderful Wizards of...TRF!

July 07, 2015


We fairegoers love our wizards. From Merlin to Harry Potter to Gandalf to Harry Dresden, wizards evoke power and wisdom (and in Dresden's case, a really smart mouth). So what's a Renaissance Faire without wizards and witches? These two delightful specimens were sculpted by Don E. White, owner and purveyor of White Wizards. My family owns three- my favorite of which has his finger up its nose! This lovely photo was submitted by a middle school student in our School Days photojournalism contest.

Visit White's Etsy shop, or stop to see him on Mockingbird Lane at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

If you're a Pinner, check out the Artisans board on TRF's Pinterest. See what many of our gifted creatives are up to!