TRF Proud to Support ASL Weekends

August 29, 2019

#Experiences and Stories

ASlfairesTX was founded in 2015 by Michelle Martin, President, and Brandy Cabe, Vice President, to provide quality interpreting services and access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at Renaissance Festivals around Texas. In 2015, the Texas Renaissance Festival had its first Deaf Weekend event, with over 80 shows interpreted.

The event grew rapidly with 22 interpreters joining us for the following 2016 season, expanding the event to two weekends and almost 100 shows. We grew even more in 2017 by working with the DeafBlind Camp of TX and assisting with the first DeafBlind day at TRF. Not only has the event grown, but so has our board. Amber Warren, Nick Thorson, Tristin Torian, Mindy Russo, and Kristen Hejl-Rietz joined the team, and have been working on developing a Non-profit for the group to help us continue our mission of providing the best quality interpreters for the event.

This year's ASL weekends are Oct. 12 & 13 and Nov. 8 & 9!

We also work with interpreting programs to create an intensive learning environment for interns pairing them with Certified leads to help them expand their skills and grow as future interpreters. All of our volunteers dress for success during the event from pirate to fairy, spreading the magic of the faire to the Deaf Community.

We are so thankful to the TRF staff for all their support. They are amazing to work with and have given us strong positive feedback about the event. The cast are wonderfully inclusive, prioritize space for our interpreters at shows, and some have even learned a few signs to use in their acts. We look forward to continuing to work with TRF management and cast to provide communication access at their magical festival for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind.

For more information, you can follow us on Facebook or instagram. ASLFairesTX