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TRF Site Projects

July 15, 2020

#Experiences and Stories


By Marlena Solomon, Marketing Manager

Keeping the grounds of the festival and Fields of New Market Campground is a full-time, year-round job at the Texas Renaissance Festival. There are shoppe inspections, grass and plants to cut and water, stages to maintain and drainage issues to fix. TRF Site Manager Dennis McCorvy and his crew spend their time tending to regular maintenance of the grounds and buildings as well as special projects such preparing the festival grounds for wedding tours and the building of the new expansion area of the festival.

Odeon Stage Refresh Part 1

One of the projects that was taken on this season is a two part refresh of the Odeon stage which is home to popular acts like Arsene and Sound and Fury. The stage and statues were painted, columns were replaced and holes were fixed. The two-phase project will be complete in 2021 with rehabilitation of the wall and planters.

RV Participant Camping

Twenty-six RV sites were laid out inside the festival gates as part of participant camping. Each spot is surrounded by planted trees that will provide much needed shade in that area in years to come. The site crew also added a new road for access in and out of the RV area and drainage issues were also addressed. "We're looking forward to making our participant camper experience an improved one for years to come," said McCorvy.