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Ashley Nostalgia

Homemade root beer, free samples of Renaissance Ale, brewing equipment, t-shirts, posters, glassware, mead kits, and absinthe kits. Also brewing education, which consists of Brewmaster for a day, Brewmaster’s Breakfast Club, behind the scenes tour, home brew parties and brewing classes!

Celestial Thyme

The professional and caring psychics at Celestial Thyme are ready to be of service to you. We offer accurate and insightful counsel that will help you make informed choices in the coming year. We also have a fine selection of celestial jewelry and divination tools. We look forward to your visit in the 2017 season.

636 B Falconer
Coat of Arms: Old World Family Names

Specializing in embroidery, clothing, glassware, gold rings, photo prints, key chains, blankets and a variety of other things!

512 443-4030
Enchanted Manor Winery

Official producers of the TRF Mead
Face Painting

Talented Artists are located throughout New Market Village.
Find your favorite!
Front Gate:
Debbie Bullock
David Copeland
Eve Myles
Leia Copeland

Globe Stage:
Janet Burton
Susan Griffin
JoAnn Luco

Dove Meadow:
Joe White
Marna Dannenbaum
Jonathon Gilbreath

Deborah Smith

Enchanted Forest:
Tiffany Crosby

Minga Almquist

Falconer Stage:
Mykos Gilbreath

Hair Braidings

Ghost Walk

Takes place after the Royal Fireworks

$10.00 per ticket.

Ask for more information at the Information Booth.

Henna Tattoos

Henna body art is a collective of highly experienced professional full-time henna artists. Specializing in everything from contemporary two traditional designs. We pride ourselves on giving each person a wonderful experience and use only the finest all natural ingredients

Arena, Dove Meadow, Enchanted Forest, Globe Stage
Jeffries Rose and Pickle

In addition to roaming rose sellers throughout the entire New Market Village with their delicate flowers, find the brightly colored pickle carts for a tastey treat!

Roaming Throughout the Village

Village entrance portraits.

To find your photos from the faire click on the ‘Jester’s Photos’ link below.  (Photos from the weekend generally not available for 72 hours after closing on Sunday)

Ladies In Braiding

An ancient design that works in the hair more than 20 ways.

691 BB, 613 SP
Poetic Portraits

Oil Painting with photographic canvas and print in frames

Sean Potter: Medieval Metal

Hair accessories: hair twisters, ponytail wraps, hair hooks, charms and hair armor. Jewelry: rings, earcuffs, earrings, bracelets, finger bracelets, ear wraps, necklaces, crowns and anklets.

123, 42, and 658A
The Belrose

Costumes, wheelchairs, scooters, wagons and stroller rentals.

You will need to have a credit card and identification to rent all costumes and any equipment.

Costumes, wheelchairs, scooters, wagons and stroller rentals.

**Scooter rentals are weather permitting**


Weight Limits:

300lbs max – Scooters

250lbs max – Wheelchairs

125lbs max – Wagons
165 & 166 (Outside the Front Gate)
The Royal Braiders

Hair Braiding, Hair Feathers & Fairy Tinsel

The Wellness Garden

Massage oils, herbs, herbal & aromatherapy products, herbal teas, dream pillows, scented candles, ear candles, candling kits, honey & agave sticks, candied ginger and more!

501, 502, and F54

Tea leaf readings, potions, fortune and wish bracelets, simple bracelets, wire woven jewelry and trinkets of wood, leather, cord and metal as talisman or decoration

Twyla’s Tyes

Hair wraps with string, beads, charms and ribbon wreaths.


Fortune Telling Services


Costumed fantasy artisan photography and souvenir portraits.


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