An Old World corner bistro. Marked by the colorful umbrellas over a cozy patio, the Pavilion offers the only true espresso in the entire kingdom. The tantalizing aromas of fresh ground coffee, the gurgling sounds of elegant espresso steamers and the fragrance of hot gingerbread, fresh from the oven– all are special invitations to join us at the Pavilion. Offerings include lattes, frappes, hot spiced cider and our very own made-while-you-watch fresh strawberry lemonade, made with strawberries from the King’s Orchard. Also served is homemade fudge in a variety of flavors fit for royalty and more chocolate candies than your taste buds can wrap around in a day. Chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate covered coffee beans and chocolate in a cup (hot chocolate, Venetian sipping chocolate and for the adventurous, Aztec hot cocoa). Fresh from the oven come homemade brownies (a la mode if you desire), Aztec chocolate cake, Italian creme cake and the legendary fresh, hot gingerbread. The Pavilion accommodates early orders for your take-home desires, having them boxed and ready when you return for your final chocolate delight or coffee concoction to enjoy while watching the Grande Finale Fireworks from the patio! No visit to the festival is complete until you savor the flavor from this place in time!

Beef Jerky Carts
Arena, Globe, Odeon, Sherwood Forest


Beef Jerky


Homemade root beer, free samples of Renaissance Ale, brewing equipment, t-shirts, posters, glassware, mead kits, and absinthe kits. Also brewing education, which consists of Brewmaster for a day, Brewmaster’s Breakfast Club, behind the scenes tour, home brew parties and brewing classes!

621GR & 677WW
Enchanted Manor Winery

Official producers of the TRF Mead
Kettle Corn
653A – Arena

Feasting Description:

New World Kettle Corn is a truly delectable sweet treat.  Louie’s crews prepare the corn for the Kingdom every day whilst they sing a happy song. Also find the Kettle Corn throughout the village brought directly to you by Louie’s crew.


Experience this addicitive, sweet treat.  Available in two sizes.  Prepared fresh daily by Louie’s Crews.  Stop by and try a free sample.

King’s Candy Maze

Candy, Candy, Candies Cotton Candy, Cherry Sours, Gummie Bears. All of the classics for kids big and small.

Nuts and Such
625B and 142

What a gourmet delight Lady Courtney roasts for the King!  Almonds, cashews, and pecans are mouth-watering fantasy to be sure.

Cinnamon roasted King’s Nuts!
Prepared fresh for you every day fo the Festival!
All are available in three sizes for every appetite.
Enjoy these at any time of the day, or take this tasty treat home.

Shakespeare’s Ale House

For a rousing good time, treat yourself like a King for the Day by sampling one of our fine ales or beers, enhanced with a selection from our wide variety of cigars.

Temptations in addition to the best ales from around the world, are our own “Blarney Stones”, and the masters own New Market-made-Jerky.

Indulgences offers several performances each day by the Iron Hill Vagabonds, portraying crowd pleasing Traditional Irish tunes, making for a lively afternoon.

Indulge yourself in New Market Village.


Nestled in an Olde English Hunting Lodge, Rose n Thistle provides a magical setting to enjoy the finest wines in the village.  Seated comfortably in front of the fireplace, one can sip a favorite wine, enjoy our hand made “tasties” and enjoy the offering of fine pewter drink ware.  The entrance to this cozy rendezvous point is guarded by two life size bronze lions, so you cannot miss this special treat.

The Hive Mead Hall

Known throughout the village as “The Meading Place”, Honey Lodge is the epitome of Old World Gathering places, for inside its walls one can experience the finest meads known to man.  Recognized worldwide as the oldest alcoholic drink, mead is know as “Honey Wine” since it is made of the fermentation of honey.

This world class establishment offers a full compliment of cheeses to grace your tastebuds as you indulge yourself in old world tradition.

There is no better way to end the day, than to relax on our patio with a fine glass of tawny port or sherry, and enjoy the Grand Finale Fireworks

Camelot and Lancelot take on new meanings once you Savor the Flavor from this Place in Time.


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