For Your Castle


Masks, boxes, frames, crosses, figurines, copper frames, & mirrors, indian rugs, baskets, clothing, jewelry.

Camelot Arms
Castle Décor

Unique handcrafted items & home furnishings.

Coat of Arms: Old World Family Names

Specializing in embroidery, clothing, glassware, gold rings, photo prints, key chains, blankets and a variety of other things!

512 443-4030
Copper Sage Bows
247 and 612G
Dan Thompson Fine Arts

High quality Fantasy Art prints and originals.  From COLORING BOOKS large and small, to notecards and bookmarks, there’s something for everyone!
Deep South Barrels

American White Oak barrels for aging spirits, bootleg kits for making your own spirits and pirate barrel drinking mugs.


Handmade items: embroidered banners, pillows, wall hangings and some quilts; Imports: dragons, faeries, etc statues, wind chimes, stones


Gypsy clothing, belly dance outfits, Renaissance garb, jewelry and accessories
Masks,boxes, frames, crosses, figurines, copper frames & mirrors, half moon, & sun decorations, catrinas, clothing, semi-precious stones, silver jewelry.


Crossbows, bull whips, black powder weapons, war hammers, torture chamber equipment, chain maille, floggers and other support equipment for arsenal and leather goods. Also rebuilding, restoring, repairing or modifying weapons. All products are handmade and can be custom ordered.

Faeries from the Swamp by Antoine

Hand Sculpted Faeries and Enchanted Beings:
Years ago, I picked up some polymer clay and began to make figurines.  Having been an artist all my life it was inevitable that I would start sculpting.  It wasn’t until early 2002, however, that I tried polymer clay.  
My very first completed faerie was a bald, fat, naked man with a comb-over, who resembled an uncle of mine. And that is how it all began.  Every single piece I create is a one of a kind work of art.  I couldn’t duplicate a piece if I tried.  Facial features are hand painted with fine acrylics. I use natural and synthetic embellishments.  Most have wings, but some do not.  Orphaned Dragon Eggs created with natural Gemstones and Healing Crystals are my latest creation; and all of my work comes with certificates of authenticity, signed by me. I also create Portrait Sculptures from your photographs!
It wasn’t until 2007 that I began my journey into the Renaissance Festival world.  And not until 2008 did I venture out to that magical place we know and love, called the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I love my faire, I love my patrons… come visit me in Pirates’ Cove in my amazing faerie house across from the Funnel Cakes Booth!   Even if you walk out with nothing in
your hands, it is always a pleasure to meet new people and learn about their experiences.  Early mornings and later afternoons give more time to chatting — but stop by any time!  Booth 509!   
You never know what you’ll find when you take a stroll through the Swamp.

Handmade stained glass, sun catchers, wind chimes, mirrors, boxes, 3-D moving sculpture in glass, mosaic sculptures.

Great Hall

The Great Hall (Booth #16) is one of the grandest shoppes at the Texas Renaissance Festival. We are but a stones throw from the front gate, and lie next door to the Globe stage. Our sprawling storefront offers original design clothing and adornments from Alli Designs, as well as a generous selection of handmade pottery and drinking vessels from John Coiner Pottery. Also in our booth, we have a wide array of treasures from our travels; such as magic wands and staffs, slump glass bowls on driftwood, wares for your castle and estate, and many other fine arts – all uniquely designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans.
From whimsical trinkets, collectibles and costume accessories, to heirloom pieces for your hearth and home, the Great Hall has it all!


Handcrafted paintings and woodwork including platters, bowls, cups, lathe turned pens, wooden mushrooms and sculptural works


Gift items made from Honeycomb Calcite (Stone from one mountain in Utah) Items include: Angels, crosses, Fleur De Lis, Mountain Scenes, light boxes, cubes, spheres, candleholders, wine racks. Stained Glass by Terri Rogers

House of the Good Sun

Sculpture of stone wood and glass

John Coiner Pottery
16, 17, and 233

Original, handmade pottery by John Coiner & belly dance clothing, scarfs, belly dance jewelry, and assorted drinkware & brass drinking ware.

La Baraque de Marco Polo

Exotic and ethnic imports

Lost Island

Original design belly dance outfits, gypsy wear, jewelry and accessories.


Handmade large and small tapestries, headpieces, purses and oils

Mystic Stones

Handmade & crafted Djmbe large & small, Fulami hat, handmade baskets, sand painting, home décor, precious oils

Nigel Sade Fine Art

High quality Fine Art prints and originals, piratical bandanas and art for your neck! (Fine Art Pendants).
Poppet Pewter

Handmade pewter figurines, metal art and bubble wands


Handmade jewelry, wooden and painted crosses


Bottled sand sculptures, make-your-own candles, butterflies on a stick, marbles by the bag, fairy dust and more.

Sarah Wilkinson Art

For your Castle, Portraits & Prints
Description: High quality Fine Art prints and originals, piratical bandanas and art for your neck! (Fine Art Pendants).
Sean Potter: Medieval Metal
123, 42, and 658A

Hair accessories: hair twisters, ponytail wraps, hair hooks, charms and hair armor. Jewelry: rings, earcuffs, earrings, bracelets, finger bracelets, ear wraps, necklaces, crowns and anklets.

Sky Chairs

SKY Chairs Fashioned by Hand in Minnesota. Hanging Canvas Chairs. Comfortable and Fun, inside or outside hung from rafter, beam, porch or tree. Robert and Molly Anderson have handcrafted SKY Chairs since 1976 and shown them at the Texas Renaissance Festival since 1979. Stop by their Shoppe to rest and relax in one of the 20 SKY Chairs. Many colors and two fabrics to choose from to bring to your home.

Storm Leather Werks

Steel, leather and wooden armor; custom build to order armor orders; paint to order shields; weaponry.

Full contact Live action sword sparring in medieval armor with wooden and rebated swords .

Featuring the Historic Medieval Battle Group-The Knights of Ragnarok!
Shows are in front of booth #524     K.O.R Armory/storm leather works:


Swept Away Brooms

You will be “Swept Away” by the one-of-a-kind brooms created by Sharon Jackson! Sharon creates beautiful yet functional brooms from broomcorn with handles of sweet gum, elm, hickory, or even willow and wisteria. Custom design your own broom for hearth and home and sweeping is no longer a chore. Come and watch continual demonstrations in broom making at the Broom Maker’s Shoppe.

The Broom Closet

The Broom Closet is a metaphysical and mythological cooperative carrying goods from artisans and craftspeople from all over the world. We specialize in British and Celtic goods however we have a wonderful collection of Norse/Viking, Wiccan, and Eastern and Western European selections. Statuary, pottery, plaques, hand carved wood boxes, hand tooled leather journals, handmade brooms, sterling silver adornments, fine art, oils, lavender, sage, herbal utensils, ritual tools, divination tools, books, parchment scrolls, inks, quills, sealing wax and signets, leather hats, fine art cards,  tapestries and prints are just a few of our favorite things!!

The Horne Shoppe
686G & 625E

We sell horns.
Artist – Valeric Newton-Sinclair

The Pirate Docks

treasure chests & boxes, coins, swords, assorted pirate and asian merchandise

The Renaissance Gypsy

Jewelry, chimes, and gifts purchased for resale

Treasures of the Incas

Handcrafted tapestries, musical instruments, wood and metal weaponry, Alpaca wool hats, gloves, scarves, pants and other unique handcrafted items!

Visker & Scrivener
636 Falconer

Visker & Scrivener is a creator and purveyor of fine writing quills, inks, scrolls, leather-bound journals, and other oddities inspired by times past. We research, develop, hand-craft, and provide tools for artists, writers, calligraphers, and those aspiring to be.

Wondrous Works in Wood

Handcrafted wooden mugs, goblets, cutting boards, earring holders, bowls, vases, wine balance holders, pitchers, leather and jeweled mug accessories, wine stoppers and other wooden gift items.

Wood Harbour

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