Ananda Trader
654RB and 680WW
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Pipes, troll head sculptures, fairy dust and wands

Elf Ears

Embrace your inner elf ! Let us transform you with professional grade elf ears custom fit and applied with makeup to match. It’s a quick elf salon experience for children and adults alike. The ears are reusable and easy to reapply. Made in the USA.

Faeries from the Swamp by Antoine

Hand Sculpted Faeries and Enchanted Beings:
Years ago, I picked up some polymer clay and began to make figurines.  Having been an artist all my life it was inevitable that I would start sculpting.  It wasn’t until early 2002, however, that I tried polymer clay.  
My very first completed faerie was a bald, fat, naked man with a comb-over, who resembled an uncle of mine. And that is how it all began.  Every single piece I create is a one of a kind work of art.  I couldn’t duplicate a piece if I tried.  Facial features are hand painted with fine acrylics. I use natural and synthetic embellishments.  Most have wings, but some do not.  Orphaned Dragon Eggs created with natural Gemstones and Healing Crystals are my latest creation; and all of my work comes with certificates of authenticity, signed by me. I also create Portrait Sculptures from your photographs!
It wasn’t until 2007 that I began my journey into the Renaissance Festival world.  And not until 2008 did I venture out to that magical place we know and love, called the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I love my faire, I love my patrons… come visit me in Pirates’ Cove in my amazing faerie house across from the Funnel Cakes Booth!   Even if you walk out with nothing in
your hands, it is always a pleasure to meet new people and learn about their experiences.  Early mornings and later afternoons give more time to chatting — but stop by any time!  Booth 509!   
You never know what you’ll find when you take a stroll through the Swamp.
Facebook: http://facebook.com/swampfaes

Fairy Haven
650BRB & Arena

Handmade magical adornments to fill your fairy needs!

689S & 681FG
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Garments, fairy costumes, costume accessories, hats, bags, sarongs, leather items, cloak pins, clasps, charms, jewelry, plastic swords, flutes, incense, instruments, wood hammers, clubs, canes, staffs

Hearts Delight
221, 244, and 313
Joust Gate, German Gate, Globe Gate
Raven’s Glass
636C Falconer

Lampwork glass items

The Faery Lair

The Faery Lair offers whimsical wings, magical wands, unique masks, majestic headpieces and more! Wing designs include a variety of fairy wings and leather dragon wings, in a wide range of sizes! Our masks and headpieces will transform you into a wild range of mystical beings from, dragons and princesses to mermaids, birds, beasts and other fairy ilk! Complete your magical skills with a crystal wand and a vial of sparking pixie dust! At The Faery Lair we can help you fulfill your dream Renaissance Faire Fantasy look!

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