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What do I do if I lose my child or group?

By June 26, 2017 No Comments

All lost children will be taken by Security to the Information Booth, located just inside the front entrance. The lost child will be kept at that location with a security officer until the parents are located. Should you find a lost child, or lose a child, please contact the nearest food merchant to radio for assistance.

We also offer the following advice and tips to prevent being separated from your group:

  • If you have young children we highly recommend giving the child something with your contact information on it JUST IN CASE they get separated from the group. This can be anything from a sticker with your contact number to a small card they have in their pocket.
  • Have your group pre-plan meet up times and locations if you plan to split up. While you may trade phone numbers, service signal on TRF grounds can be unreliable.