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Haak Winery

Odin's Table

"Lift Thy Glasses!"

Odin's Table is a unique Texas Wine Tasting, and one fit for the Gods. Curated by knowledgeable staff, you will taste through 5 very distinct Haak wines:

  • Mead-style White wine
  • White Port
  • Tawny Port
  • Blanc du Bois Madeira
  • "Renaissance" Madeira

This tasting is interactive, educational, entertaining and also includes a commemorative wine glass with TRF and Haak logos.

Outside the private Tasting Times, Odin's Table will welcome all patrons of the Faire to enjoy glass and bottle sales.

Odin's Table will be closed to non-ticketed patrons during the designated Tasting Time Slots in order to provide a private tasting experience.

The Wine Tasting is $30/person

This is a 21+ event

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Alice and tea

Tea and Strumpets (High Tea)

Hosted once daily, high above the bustle of New Market Village, this full meal experience provides an interlude of respite in your whirlwind of a day. Bottomless pots of tea with a hearty array of sweets and savories are served at tables you fill with friends. Luscious treats hand-baked by our sister shop, Queen's Pantry, paired with Tea and Strumpets' Signature Savories are presented to you in a relaxed, indulgent atmosphere with enough personal space to enjoy it all.

Due to guidance from the National Restaurant
Association, we are selling whole tables again this
year, as we cannot seat strangers together.

The price per seat is $55 per seat. Table size options are seating 4 and seating 6.

We are only seating 1 teatime per day, at

During high tea, only guests with tickets to that day's
High Tea will have access to the upstairs.
Otherwise, the deck and bar are available for visitors
from 9am until 1pm, and opens again at 5pm to the
general public.

All teas are a home blend and are available for sell to
take home if you become addicted.

Tea and Strumpets
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a screenshot of a computer

Texas Renaissance Festival Escape Rooms

2021 brings four Escape Room Adventures to the Texas Renaissance Festival, in a giant, newly renovated Air-Conditioned location!


Your Headmaster 'Almost Stumbledoor' needs your help! The school is being attacked by non-copyright-infringing dark forces, and you must get word to the Department of Sorcery! Can you rescue Boarcorn's Academy in time?!

Returning to TRF after a sellout season in 2020, this parody of a fairly well-known book & movie franchise is an exciting, fun introduction to escape rooms, or a quick challenging diversion for seasoned 'escape artists!' 20 minutes/$14.99 per person/4 people minimum/8 people maximum, difficulty 3/5.


Professor Plumbum has lost his mind and is going to set off an "Alchemy Bomb" using the Philosopher's Kidney Stone to turn the world's gold into lead! Using magic and technology, can you save the world's economy (and jewelry)?

This brand new 'Airy Botter' adventure takes you to London in 1899 where you and your team of sorcerers must use your wits and magic to find the keys which will defuse Plumbum's bomb!

45 minutes/$29.99 per person/4 people minimum/8 people maximum, difficulty 4/5.


Your plucky band of privateers are enjoying their ill-gotten gains in your hideout when your Captain sends word the King's Guard are attempting to break in and take you all to the Tower of London! Can you hide all the rum bottles and doubloons in their secret hidey-holes before the soldiers defeat your security and catch you red-handed?
45 minutes/$29.99 per person/4 people minimum/8 people maximum, difficulty 4/5. Can be played either as a competition with the King's Guard Adventure, or on its own.

On its own, or as half of the pair of competition escape adventures, this immersive 16th Century London room will challenge you to solve codes, discover hidden compartments, and show the King's Guard you're all just friendly folk and completely innocent of wrongdoing!


As soldiers representing His Majesty the King, you are charged with upholding the law. You have been sent to a dark, foreboding alleyway in London, outside the reinforced door to a hideout of notorious privateers accused of unsanctioned piracy. Your job is to defeat their security and unlock the door, so you all can arrest the criminals, and confiscate their treasures!
45 minutes/$29.99 per person/4 people minimum/8 people maximum, difficulty 4/5. Can be played either as a competition with the Pirates' Dilemma Adventure, or on its own.

On its own, or as half of the pair of competition escape adventures, this immersive 16th Century London alleyway will challenge you to solve codes, defeat security defenses, and show the pirates they can't get away with stealing (if they're not going to share with the King)!


"The King's Guard" & "The Pirates' Dilemma" rooms can be played by two groups in competition: both groups will start at the same time, with 45 minutes maximum on the timer. If the Guard can get into the Pirate hideout before the pirates finish hiding their booty, the Guards win. If the Pirates can hide everything first, they win.

The 'losing' team will still be allowed the rest of the time left on their clock to solve their puzzles… but they'll not get Winner's Badges at the end. If you wish to compete with people you know, you'll need to book both rooms at the same time, 4 people minimum per adventure room,8 people maximum per room.

Ticketing is online for pre-paid reservations, or at the door. We recommend booking in advance, as 'prime-time' slots sell out days or weeks ahead of time.

Your entire group will need to arrive no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled time, for introductions and rules. IMPORTANT: If you're late, you will either forfeit your session time, or have your time available on the clock reduced.

These escape rooms are for folks basically 13+ in age, please. Though the content is not "PG-13," per se, the difficulty level and nature/theme of the puzzle design is constructed for the non-child crowd. Also, at least one adult parent or guardian must be in the room with those under 18. Also, be as sober as possible—inebriated guests will be asked to leave, with no refunds.

Cost for the 20-minute Airy Botter adventure is $14.99 per person, and the 45-minute adventures are $29.99 per person, plus tax and fees, 4-person minimum purchase (8 people max).

You can also add people later in-person at the room if you like (up to the max 8).
These are private bookings, meaning you won't be grouped with people outside your team.

HEY! Really important: These tickets are a separate admission from the General Admission Festival tickets. Be SURE you've bought your festival tickets first, to be positive you can get in, and then buy your Escape Adventure tickets!

For contact and more information, visit .

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a glass of beer on a table

Bourbon and Rum Tastings

Tastings on the hour starting at 10AM and ending at 7PM. Patrons may also purchase a glass of Royal Bourbon or Rum any way they like it and enjoy it in the shop.

21 and over only-please drink responsibly.

Enchanted Forest expansion is 20EF

Online: $19 + Fees Per Tasting of 4 of 6 Kinds of Royal Bourbon & Rum Tasting
At the event: $26 per Tasting of 4 of 6 Kinds of Royal Bourbon & Rum Tasting

** Must have matching date specific TRF Admission Ticket prior to arrival in order to attend Tastings. **

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Front of Dragonslayer Gift Shoppe


We are the DragonSlayer. We are staffed by people and dragons (yep, we said dragons) who love history, fashion, and bringing an uncommon shopping experience to people all over the country. Love Renaissance Festivals and Fantasy Artwork? We've got a tee shirt for that.

Do heraldic crests and shields really speak to you? Browse our Collectibles. Have a friend who is about to start a family? We've got tongue and cheek onesies that will keep you laughing. We have it all, whether you want to be bold and old-fashioned or modern and cool. So, take your boots off, untie that corset, and throw on those modern shades to take a whirl around our website; or stop in to the shop during TRF and browse the shelves.

There's something here for you, no matter what you love. Join the adventure, it will be epic!

Visit the Gift Shoppe
a glass of beer on a table

Royal Scotch Tastings

Take part in the Royal Scotch tastings - an experience Fit for a King!

Tastings on the hour starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m. Patrons may also purchase a glass of scotch any way they like it and enjoy it in the shop.

21 and over only - please drink responsibly!

Patron Experience - Patrons will learn everything they ever needed to know about Scotch.

  • Guests will taste six different Scotches from the different regions of Scotland.
  • What is a Scotch and how is it different from other whiskeys?
  • What are the main Scotch producing areas and why are their Scotches unique?
  • Introduce the Gaelic word 'Slainte' and how to toast with Scotch.
  • The origins of the word 'whiskey'.
  • How much Scotch is produced, sold and consumed each year and where.
  • Why we love to age Scotch in Bourbon barrels.
  • Scotland and Scottish history.
  • A great time is had by all!

Stop by Shop 521 or Shop 61 to sign up for a time slot for the date you have chosen.

$26 Per Tasting of Six (6) Kinds of Scotch or $12 Per Glass

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Wyrmwood Public House

Welcome to TRF's first multi-sensory entertainment and social experience, where the worlds of French Bohemia, retro futuristic steampunk, and copper mining saloon culture, collide with burlesque, sideshow, magic, and more. Wyrmwood features the only authentic craft cocktail bar and climate controlled three story property at The Texas Renaissance Festival. Come enjoy a cocktail, indulge in one of our absinthe or tequila tasting parties, or share a drink with the internationally acclaimed performers of The Green Hour. Whatever your fancy, your senses will be gratified.


Wyrmwood Public House

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Ale mugs

The King's Feast

​Join us for the most exciting event in all the land!

The King's Feast is the best that the Texas Renaissance Festival has to offer, two hours of food, fun, frivolity and entertainment all brought to you by the Merchant Prince. A royal multi-course all-you-can-eat feast is served to you by the wenches of the Great Arms feast hall.

Sing, laugh and be merry as flagons of mead, ale, wine are poured into your commemorative drinking vessel! The Bordello sisters will delight and enchant you as they sing (and enjoy our world famous in house sangria) and sing some more! Sometimes even in harmony!

Nowhere else in New Market village can boast this kind of revelry! Two hours of feasting, festivities and fabulous fun abound with songs and jokes that will keep you coming back for more! Join us for a 'Forking Good Time!'

Reservations are required for the feast. Cost is $124.00 per person (with admission to the festival, $109.00 without) all food and drink (wine, sangria, beer, mead, iced tea and water), and a limited edition commemorative drinking vessel included. Showtimes are at 11:00AM each festival day (Friday and Saturday final weekend, no shows final Sunday).

​Reservations start July 6th by calling 800-224-0761

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a group of people standing on a stage posing for the camera

TRF After Dark

TRF After Dark tickets are now on sale.

TRF After Dark is located in the Fields of New Market Campgrounds


Friday 8pm-12am (No cover charge) Saturday 8pm-1am (Tickets on sale now)

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Get your tickets here to TRF After Dark

TRF After Dark is located in the Fields of New Market Campgrounds.


Friday 8pm-12am (No cover charge)
Saturday 8pm-1am (Tickets on sale now)

Saturday, October 30th

After Dark Presents: All Hallows Eve

Saturday, November 6th

After Dark Presents: Heros and Villians Featuring Blaggards Standards

Saturday, November 13th

After Dark Presents: Masquerade Ball

Saturday, November 20th

After Dark Presents: Divine Divas in Drag

Saturday, November 27th

Burlesque Christmas Show Presented by After Dark