The Festival opens on October 7, 2023!





Groups 2023

Groups 2023

Experience an exciting group outing like no other. Groups will enjoy strolling the cobblestone paths of our authentically recreated 66-acre 16th century village, visiting more than 400 shoppes featuring unique arts and crafts as well as sampling foods from many cultures, playing games of skill and participating in a variety of human-powered rides. In addition, hundreds of costumed characters are there to entertain your party with over 200 performances daily. Each of our eight themed weekends brings a new adventure for your group, offering unique programs, activities, and more!

Groups of 15 or more adults can receive discounted admission tickets. Email: for more information.

From the time we walked into the area Maw and Pa greeted us with the delicious food and hospitality. Out of the blue, the cast of characters from Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan descended into our area to liven our group up which we felt was over the top and much appreciated by everyone. I cannot express enough how happy we were with our coordinator and her unexpected surprise of a few random characters she sent our way. The entire group was amazing. Every employee came with their A-game and for that we are truly appreciative! Huzzah!!!!!!

-Toby Lee, HARC



  • Discounted tickets to the festival
  • Personalized Packages available
  • Complimentary sparkling cider
  • 2 Commemorative flutes
  • Carriage rides are available

Starting At: $300

Group Events

Group Events

  • Discount on Festival Tickets
  • Minimum of 15 people
  • Special offers available

Call for pricing

Corporate Codes

Corporate Codes

  • Discount on Festival Tickets
  • Minimum of 15 employees
  • $25/person with 15 or more

Email For More Info

Festival Feasts and Delicious Delights

Choose from a number of world-famous menu options served in one of our beautiful private reception areas. Menu choices are very affordable and offer many delicious options.
  • Roast turkey legs, pork loin, and chicken
  • Vegetables, cheeses, and fruits
  • Delicious desserts
  • Sodas, wines, beers, and mead

Menus vary by price and availability.

Email: for more information.