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While everyone loves to visit our enchanted kingdom, we know that getting here can sometimes feel like a trip through the Dark Realms of Mordor. Therefore we present to you these helpful suggestions to aid you in your journey.

1. Come early/stay late

The majority of guests arrive between 11 a.m and 2 p.m. However, the festival gates open at 9 a.m. Coming early ensures that you will not be sitting in long lines of traffic entering festival parking. Plus, arriving before 9 a.m. allows you to see the King and Queen and the courts as they greet early arrivals at the front gates beginning at 8:45 a.m. Likewise, staying to watch the Royal Fireworks at 8 p.m. means that you can avoid the exit congestion of those who choose to leave before sundown.

2. Closer than ever to Greater Houston, thanks to Hwy 249

If you are coming from the greater Houston area, the best bet is to come up on 249 until you get to the FM 1774 / Plantersville exit. Then head south on FM 1774 and travel 6 miles to the Festival entrance. The construction concerns of the past are mostly gone. This has become the best way to get to TRF and has made the festival a lot closer to Houston. If you are coming from The Woodlands, you can also take FM 1448 to FM 1774 and turn north.


(1) Take I-45 to Hwy 105 in Conroe. Go west on 105 to FM 1774 in Plantersville. Turn south onto FM 1774 and travel 6 miles to the Festival entrance.

(2) Take Hwy 290 to Hwy 6 to Navasota. In Navasota take Hwy 105 to FM 1774 in Plantersville. Turn south on FM 1774 and go 6 miles to the Festival entrance. These routes may cause you to travel more miles, but can actually save you time and frustration.

3. Heed Not The App Trolls

GPS services like Google or Apple maps or apps like Waze can help you in finding your way to the Festival. However, as traffic congestion begins to build, they may suggest alternate routes. IGNORE THEM! These alternative routes may take you on residential or side roads that have been closed to Festival traffic. You may find yourself forced by law enforcement to retrace your route and get back onto the main roads, losing your original place in line and adding more time to your journey.

4. Follow the TRF on social media for up-to-date traffic information

Festival traffic will be monitored from 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. each day the festival is open. While the TRF website, Facebook and Instagram platforms will be updated with traffic information, the most up-to-date source for traffic information will be Twitter @TexRenFest.


General Parking

There are also designated parking areas for buses, motor homes and motorcycles. TRF traffic officers will be happy to direct you to the appropriate area. There is no overnight parking at the festival.

Handicap Parking

Handicap accessible parking is FREE and is Rows 2-5 - located near the front gate.

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