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The King and Queen of the Texas Renaissance Festival are delighted to welcome new acts to the stages of the Kingdom. Each one has been carefully selected to entertain and amaze.

Polish Pub Stage

Mature Audience

2 Merry Men


These guys combine sea-shanties and pub songs into a great show that will have you laughing and singing along. Are you not up on your pub songs? Do you need a few more to sing the next time you are out and you are drunk enough that you need to sing, nay, that you have to sing? These guys will be your heroes. Their timing is perfect and they have great voices as well.

a woman wearing a blue shirt

The Cloister in the Green

Amanda Kitchens


This Singer/Songwriter/Accordionista is based out of Austin, Tx. Her musical influences are steeped in years of study of music from the Balkans and Italy, with a flavor that is reminiscent of a 1940's cabaret of Romany jazz nouveau and vaudeville spirituals from her own Southern upbringing. Being a lover of dance, Kitchens encourages dancers of all backgrounds and experience to step out and cut a rug.

The Odeon



This French performer's accolades are too numerous to list in full. He has performed for President and Mrs. George H. Bush, taught juggling to the Cirque du Soleil, won 1st Place at "Le Cirque de Demain," and appeared at such diverse locations as Disney World, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Arsene has been performing worldwide since 1978, both live and on TV. You have never seen an act quite like this one. Arsene, il est magnifique!

Barbarian Inn

Mature Audience

Barbarian Bombshells


A trio of buxom barbarian babes have invaded Canterbury to teach the women (and filthy manservants) of the land how to drink, fight, and have a bawdy good time outside of the rigid sexist rule of the British elite. Featuring battle songs, raunchy jokes, and a zany lesson in BARBARIAN BATTLE, this show is NOT for the faint of heart or for younger audience members. BARBARIANS RULE!

a group of people standing around a fire

Barbarian Horde

Uncivilized, unorganized, unruly, uncultured, uncouth and unwashed minions invade the Shire of New Market Village for plunder and pillage.

Mockingbird Music Gazebo

The Bard O’Neill


Join the Bard O'Neill on musical adventures from one time into another and back again. The songs are your choice-"sweet or saucy" that the Bard will pick from her repertoire. No two sets are ever the same and the craic is grand! Diane plays a variety of instruments while singing gusto and compassion.

Falconer's Hearth

Birds of Prey


More than just Falconry, this complete bird show includes hawks, eagles, owls, and vultures, to name a few. Wild Sky Productions began as an idea to educate the public by presenting live animals in an entertaining format. And entertaining it is! The birds soar and glide above, in front of, in back of, and through the audience.

New Market Gazebo



Cantiga is a real, homegrown Texas Renaissance Festival musical group. Organized in the 1970s by harpist Martha Gay, fiddler Malcolm Smith, and the late Bob Bielefeld, Cantiga specializes in the performance of an ancient European repertoire.

a group of people posing for the camera

Christmas Elves

The holiday spirit reigns throughout New Market Village as Mother and Father Christmas celebrate Celtic Christmas with their holiday elves.

a group of people standing in front of a building

Agora Stage

Cirque Olympus


Do you have what it takes to become the next great hero? Witness the amazing feats of strength, bravery, agility, and grace of the Gods and Goddesses of Cirque Olympus as they inspire the epic heroes and heroines of tomorrow with circus acts, comedy, and audience participation. Meet Aphrodite, Apollo, and Artemis in the flesh among mortals and learn the myths and legends of Greece to mortals in The Agora with guest Gods and Goddesses performing regularly. Cirque Olympus will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you rolling in the aisles. Oh, and did Apollo mention the 15-foot flaming jump rope?

The Globe Theatre

The Clan Tynker


Clan Tynker is a family of siblings who perform a wide variety of talents in a whimsical "Old World" style. The show is a kaleidoscope performed to live music. An impressive variety of skills are displayed including juggling, stage magic, comedy, dance, sword swallowing, fire-eating and tight-wire walking. The accompanying musical soundscape is played on an variety of instruments. This fun and lively show is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Wharfside Music Gazebo

Coal Black Rose


Inspired by music from around the globe, Coal Black Rose plays a variety of music including early American music, Cantigas, English Dance Tunes, Sephardi, Gypsy, Ballads, Songs of the Sea and Shanty songs. Using a variety of instruments of various folk origins, Coal Black Rose brings the best of all worlds to one stage.

Wharfside Music Gazebo



Crannog brings audiences ancient Celtic music, poignant ballads, fun Irish songs, and dance-worthy jigs and reels, featuring vocals, fiddle, concertina, bodhran and other instruments. "An interesting re-imagining of ancient songs with a very modern flair". Crannog (named after man-made islands made by medieval Celts in lakes throughout Ireland and Scotland) invites lovers of Celtic, Irish and Scottish music to their mystical 'island' of revelry and charms.

a statue of a man and a woman sitting on a bench

Barbarian Inn

Mature Audience

Dangerous Curves


Public humiliation available upon request! Dangerous Curves is an improv comedy torture show and we are here to serve YOU! Bring us your willing friends, lovers and frenemies, and we'll bring them to heel. Payment of our services runs on public collection (AKA bring cash!) as we all work together for the atonement of our guilty friends and loved ones.

Dangerous Curves is an equal opportunity torture service. All degenerates welcome. Booing required.

Cloister and the Green

Dublin Harpers


This outstanding family showcases the traditional roots of the Harp in Irish and Scottish culture, while concurrently delving into a kaleidoscopic musical journey of folk, contemporary, alternative, classical, and bluegrass genres. The Band, comprised of members of the Dunham Family, has been formally trained and is currently active in supporting music education.

a group of people posing for a picture

English Court

England's most refined, genteel families and society graciously welcome one and all into the gates of our fair village.

Silversmith Lane

The Executioners

Executions? Fun for the whole family! Get your loved ones' heads lopped off or put your cranky relatives in the stocks! Don Juan Diego and his assistant Adam are equal opportunity servants for justice! Derly Ramirez, II and Dave Adam are seasoned TRF veterans. Visit them in Dove Meadow.

a group of people posing for a photo

Fantasy Realm

Queen Titania and her Magnificent King Oberon beckon each and every one to partake in a magically enchanting day inside the gates of New Market Village.

Falconer’s Heath

Fire Whip Show


Adam has set 30 Guinness World Records, including "Most Fire Whip Cracks in One Minute". His television appearances include the Conan O'Brien Show, the Steve Harvey Show, and Stan Lee's Superhumans. He performs sophisticated, high-energy whip routines interspersed with his own brand of dry humor. At each show you can expect to see high-speed double whip cracking, knife throwing, balloon popping, fire whips, and much, much more.

The Cloister

Fool Hearty


Good day, friends! Marquise & Ima Nutte of Fool Hearty here. We're a couple of professional Fools! With our well-developed characters, uniquely beautiful costuming, and cheerful friendliness ~ we are the perfect choice for your family! We are joy-bringers, bell-ringers, smile-inspiring, lovers of life!

The Arena

Full Steel Combat


Full Steel Combat is a violent display of medieval mixed martial arts and the chaos of an actual battle between fully armored knights. This is real combat and not choreographed. Our knights fight in hardened steel armor with real weapons in a grand melee to be the last man standing.

a group of people standing in front of a building

German Court

Hailing from the beautiful Bavarian countryside, they bring with them the best that Germany has to offer including a traditional Oktoberfest.

Agora Stage

Gypsy Dance Theatre


Composed of a group of multitalented and highly spirited professional entertainers, Gypsy Dance Theatre invites its audiences to tap into the muse of the quintessential gypsy spirit. They incorporate music, song, dance and humor from many of the world's diverse ethnic cultures. Spontaneity and audience participation ensure that no two shows are alike. Experience Gypsy Dance Theatre and let your own gypsy spirit fly free.

The Magic Garden

Gypsy Guerilla Band

The Gypsy Guerilla Band, established in 1984, consists of Jim and Joyce Lillquist. This versatile and highly energetic group of musicians combines a powerful style with personal arrangements and interpretations of a variety of instrumental Renaissance, Celtic, and Gypsy music. The band is committed to music that will entertain and ignite the imagination. You too will be dancing in the street to the sound of the Gypsy Guerilla Band.

Wharfside Music Gazebo

Gypsy Rox


Roxlovian cousins Ky Hote & Lauren Morris bring music from around the world with guitar, violin and vocals. Sometimes two fiddles, percussion and dancers too! Balanced on the precipice of tonal and metric heights, every show is different.

The Arena

Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre


The Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre first crossed lances in 1979, and since then they have dazzled millions at Renaissance faires and public events throughout the United States. For more than two decades, they have provided joy and excitement with their live 14th-Century-style show. Colorfully costumed steeds and noble knights in shining armor brandishing authentic weapons keep the spectacle ablaze with the action and romance of the period.

a group of people posing for the camera

Heroes and Villains

The King's call has gone forth- assemble the mightiest heroes and gather the darkest villains for mischief and devilry, prowess and gallantry. Who will win the day?

a group of people in costumes


Our Monarchs welcome all guests to the best the New Market Village has to offer! The Lord Mayor, and the Lord of the Dance offer their support to ensure every visitor enjoys a magic filled day in the Kingdom.

Griffin Inn Music Gazebo

Iron Hill Vagabonds

Throughout the Day

Iron Hill Vagabonds are an acoustic music duo performing a mix of traditional and original songs and instrumental pieces. Their material includes Celtic fiddle tunes, Irish songs from many eras, Renaissance Faire, Celtic, and folk standards, as well as original songs and instrumental compositions in many styles. Brothers Ehrich and Mark Gauvin have been singing and playing music, together and separately, for all of their lives.

Mockingbird Music Gazebo



Istanpitta was formed as a part of a college thesis project. Playing historical instruments such as oud, vielle, saz, medieval bagpipes, shawms, recorders and period percussion instruments, the musicians of Istanpitta strive to present their songs and dances in the manner that medieval musicians might have played when performing for their next meal. Audiences are treated to a performance that is both authentic and musically enjoyable.

a group of people posing for the camera

Italian Court

It would be impossible to Return to the Renaissance without the country that started it all, Italy.

Throughout the Village


Drew Heyen has performed at the Texas Renaissance Festival since 1991. He now appears as Jakem, the King's Magician, and can be found performing throughout the streets of New Market Village, particularly on Tournament Row in front of the Sea Devil Tavern. For more information on the Magic of Drew Heyen go to

Mockingbird Music Gazebo

Jim Hancock the Burly Minstrel


Jim Hancock, the Burly Minstrel, has been a student and performer of music since early childhood. After studying voice and music theory at the University of Texas, Jim hit the road to put his knowledge to practical use. While known mostly for his dynamic work on guitar and vocals, Jim also excels on mandolin, bass and cittern. He has performed with many groups and individuals from Renaissance festivals to the Kerrville Folk Festival.

King’s Arms Feast Hall

King’s Arms Feast Hall


The Bordello Sisters return to the King's Feast Hall to amuse and delight you with their wit and song. Fancy and Frisky are being joined again by long lost sister Frilly! Be prepared to experience two hours of tight comedy and song, special guest appearances, games and audience participation, all while enjoying a six course all you can eat and drink feast. Let the Forking Begin!

"Loved Them at the Palace"

- King Henry VIII of England

Throughout the Village

The King and Queen of the Festival

Timeless Royalty escort you throughout the festival and the day’s events. Be on the lookout for this Royal couple, anywhere they are headed fun is sure to follow.

Titania's Bower

The Living Fountain


Galiana, The Living Fountain is a unique entertainment experience, where nature comes to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction. A statue of a beautiful woman transforms herself with magical elegance into a living fountain. Delicate jets of water appear from her fingertips as a shimmering halo cascades from the crown of her head in this beautifully choreographed display.

The Tower

Mud Show


Since 1980, our groundbreaking mountebanks, The Sturdy Beggars™, have continued to manipulate dirt, water and audience energy into what could only be described as: 'too cute for words.' The Mud Show® is now stuck good and proper onto The Tower Stage, and for four times a day, these assiduous fomenters foist their frolical muckary for any and all to spectate. If you have never been, come on by, they shall shake the etch 'o' sketch of your expectations.

Titania's Bower

The Nightingale


The Nightingale, being known for having the sweetest song, sings the stories of the ages. Bright and delightful but strong from her journies, she sings for you, but also presents conversation in song or ryhme. The Nightingale is also a whimsical photo opportunity for patrons, with music that asks the audience to sing and dance along. All is set to the beautiful classical gypsy guitar playing of companion BaBa Manouche.

Red Lion Tavern

*Mature Audience*

Opal and Jade Off Colored Treasures


Opal and Jade are saucy singing sisters, professional wenches, and aspiring musicians, comedians, and general entertainers. These bawdy bar maids will keep you in stitches with their keen wit, and dazzle your ears with their delightful melodies. These sisters are a treasure, not to be missed. "Come play with us!"

Mature Audiences Only. Not recommended for children.

Throughout the Village

Owl Morrison

Owl Morrison brings a unique twist to traditional fiddling. Her songs are original, refreshing and familiar. Celtic and Gypsy - she goes both ways! Owl performs with the incomparable Arsene Dupin on the Odeon stage. She also roams the lanes and performs with other minstrels and instrumentalists of New Market Village. She has just released "Playing With Matches" featuring many of her mentors and protégés in the fiddle world.

Sea Devil Tavern

The Pirates of the Pride of Bedlam


The Pirates of the good ship Pride O' Bedlam dropped anchor at the Sea Devil Tavern, where they can be found swillin' rum and singin' sea songs four times daily. Avast Ye Landlubbers! Prepare yerselves for a bawdy good time with Captain Basil Drake and his crew of misfits and scalawags.

Throughout the Village

Rio Blue

Rio Blue can be found at various Renaissance festivals such as the Great Lakes Medieval Faire and the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Here at TRF he can be seen drumming for the Joust. He was the drummer for the late Owain Phyfe, including playing on Owain's Poets, Bards, & Singer of Song CD. If you buy a CD, Rio could be playing in your bedroom tonight! Uh, playing his drums, of course!

The Tower



The Great Rondini is an exciting and engaging escape artist ! He brings a new flair to the ancient art of escape, combining amazing skill, humor and audience participation to create an unforgettable experience. Will he make it out this time ? Come see and cheer him on as he continues to defy the odds, and the physical limits of the human body!

a group of people wearing costumes

Polish Pub Stage

Mature Audience

Rose and Thorny


Rose (Iris and Rose) and Thorny (The Flaming Idiots) is a new show involving two longtime veterans of the stage. Presenting funny and bawdy songs both original and classic, intertwined with jokes, limericks, and toasts. Fun for the adults in the family! Come and check out the "Old Kids on the Block", you won't regret it!

Show rated PG-16; not suitable for children!

The Globe Theatre

Royal Celebration


Join us as we celebrate the best the festival has to offer in this one hour extravaganza, featuring song, dance, comedy, and magic. The entire performance company shall be on hand to ensure that all who attend will lift up their cares. The festivities conclude with lantern lit parade leading to the Royal Fireworks at the Arena.

The Arena

Royal Fireworks


The King and Queen of the Festival decree a Royal end to a perfect day! In the tradition of London's fireworks over the Thames, the Royal Company of Greenmen will light the night with a remarkable display accompanied by the combustible music of Tartanic! Join us at the Arena for the noble finale of your festival day. Sponsored by TopDog Fireworks.

New Market Gazebo, The Globe Theatre

Royal Proclamation

New Market Gazebo - 9:30
The Globe Theatre - 12:00/6:00

The Royal Courts shall gather for the news from the village. The King and Queen of the Festival will honor special guests and contest winners, and share in all kinds of revelry. The Lord Mayor will reveal new delights and events in which to experience the theme of the weekend; and the Courts of Europe in all of their finery will dance and cheer their way through a marvelous festival day.

Dove Meadow Stage

Saxon Moon


Saxon Moon is an instrumental Nordic group of musicians with influences ranging from Scandinavian Folklore to hints of Mediterranean World Music . Saxon Moon's sole focus is to transport its audience back to the olde world, to re-create images of Saxon ancestry and the perilous travels of ancient forefathers from the adventures that were sought and the numerous stories that bled forth that... "ENTAIL THE SOUNDS OF SAXON MOON."

a group of people posing for the camera

Scottish Court

The Bonnie Prince Charlie, hopes that his Highland Fling weekend will be just the ticket to lift up his, and all his invited guests', cares.

Red Lion Tavern

Shunyata Fusion Dance


Shunyata Fusion Dance encompasses traditions from the Arab, Indian, African, Latin and Spanish world and blends them with a variety of Western forms such as modern, jazz, ballet, and ballroom. This year they present a brand-new show that will make the audience travel through dances of the gypsy migrations, starting in India and finishing in Spain, where the "gitanos" developed a dance form that centuries later would become flamenco.

Throughout the Village


My name is actually Markus Skidders, but my friends call me "Skidmark" cuz I don't have very good friends. Homeless, Jobless, Feckless. I do not however beg for a living, I DEMAND! I am divinely inspired and highly talented in the art of rotting meat sculpture.

The Arena

Solar Rain


SolarRain has been a fire performance tribe in central Texas since 2015. Their performance includes skills based on juggling, baton twirling, poi spinning, and other forms of object manipulation. It also includes skills such as fire breathing, fire eating, and body burning.

The Odeon Stage

Mature Audience

Sound and Fury


Sound & Fury™ is a nouveau-vaudeville troupe of players who present original comic works mostly in the style of that Bard fellow, Bill Shakespeare. Using frequent audience participation and utter destruction of the "fourth wall," Sound & Fury draws in its patrons making their "Fakespearean" works accessible and nonthreatening to a modern audience with limited attention spans. Mature Audiences Only. Not recommended for children.

a group of people posing for the camera

Spanish Court

His Majesty, Philippe el Hermoso and his Queen, Juana bid thee all una experiencia maravillosa at New Market con brazos abiertos.

Dove Meadow Stage & Globe Stage


Dove Meadow Stage - 9:30/11:30/1:30/3:30
Globe Stage - 5:00

The only thing that limits a Tartanic show are strict laws set by the fire department. Take two bagpipers and two drummers, then mix in world percussions and tunes ranging from "Scotland the Brave" to scorching samba-driven numbers that feature half the band leaping off the stage, running, dancing, and playing to the audience. Tartanic takes live performance to heart and creates a high-energy pulse at 120 beats per minute.

New Market Music Gazebo

Texas Brass Ensemble


Texas Brass Ensemble has been performing at the Texas Renaissance Festival for more than three decades. The members of this musical group include symphony musicians, educators, Big Band musicians, Dixieland musicians, and composers, often all in one person. They bring a modern flair to traditional Renaissance era music. As visitors enter the Festival grounds, they often hear the sound of the Texas Brass welcoming them from the New Market Music Gazebo. What a welcome!

a group of people wearing costumes

The Globe


Theatre of Fools


Founders, Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole have toured their unique brand of absurd theatrics all over the USA and across the globe. Their work is a fusion of theater, magic, and the delight of the circus arts. The Wacky Chicken Show uses the age-old metaphor of the chicken and egg as symbols of life, weaving a hysterically funny, ultimately thoughtful and joyful story of human yearning, failure and spiritual triumph - while clucking, strutting, and laying eggs.

The Cloister in the Green

Thomas Wood the Pyrojuggler


a group of people posing for a photo

Transylvanian Court

The Prince of Moldavia and his kooky, spooky family come to New Market in preparation of their celebration to be held on All Hallows Eve.

Throughout the Village

Ventriloquist Philnick the Great

10:00/12:00/3:00/5:30 at the stage by The Dragon Swing

Master Ventriloquist Phil Nichols aka PHILNICK the GREAT! has been a Ventriloquist for 45 years. He has performed live all over the country with his talking crow Bosworth and a cast of crazy characters. His recent television appearances include a cameo appearance on season 13 of NBC's America's Got Talent. His photos hang in the wall of fame gallery at the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell Kentucky (the world's only museum for Ventriloquism).

Forest Gazebo

Washing Well Wenches


The Washing Well Wenches are the funniest pair of "ladies" you'll ever meet! Part vaudeville, part sketch comedy, full-on entertaining, the Washing Well Wenches make interactive theater fun for everyone.

a group of people posing for the camera

Yeoman of the Guard

As escorts to all of the beautiful brides who bless New Market Village with their wedding celebrations, one would have to search far and wide to find their equal.