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Artisans, Merchants & Vendors

Artisans, Merchants & Vendors

Become An Artisan, Merchant, or Vendor

Vendor applications are now being accepted for the 2024 TRF Season!

Contracts are only available for the full eight (8) weekend run of the festival. The weekends are in October and November, with the eighth weekend always falling on Thanksgiving weekend, which is Friday-Sunday.

What Happens After Your Submission

If accepted to TRF you will receive a packet containing our rules & regulations, our building standards, your acceptance letter, a map with your location clearly marked, and your contract. You will have approximately 30 days to pay your vendor fees. The contract we offer becomes null and void if your required fees are not paid within the allotted time.

First year vendors are deterred from purchasing shoppes, as it is an investment into our festival and we want to ensure you find our festival viable for your business, as well we want to make sure you enjoy working with us. All tent designs must be approved by the vendor coordinator. You will be required to provide your own tent and floor.

Please contact TRF Vendor Coordinator Lori Wright with any questions at

Information for Our 2023 Artisans, Merchants, and Vendors

As the Texas Renaissance Festival prepares for the 2024 season, TRF has provided the following information for those vendors, performers, artisans, and staff who receive passes and those who utilize participant camping for the season.

Click the link below for more detailed information.

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