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storage lockers

Pricing and Information

Sir LocksAlot will keep your belongings safe at The Keep.

New Market Village's locker and storage rental facility is located just inside the village entrance.

PRICES are for all-day access - come and go as you please.

  • XL Locker $25 per Day
  • LG Locker $20 per Day
  • Hook for Oversize Items $20 per Day
  • Refundable Key Deposit $10
  • Concierge Service $15 for up to 5 pickups; $25 for unlimited pickups and heavy objects (+35 lbs) - Call 913-706-5471

Try our latest service - Concierge! Don't carry stuff around all day.

Buy it, call us, we pick it up and transport it to Shoppe #1.

You pick it up on the way out. We've got you covered.

Only one concierge per family; no piggybacking!

Every locker has a USB charger.

Forgot your phone charging cable? No problem, you can purchase one at a great price!

Won't fit in a locker? Hooks are available in the back for oversize items!

Call 913-706-5471 for a pick-up!

Reserve Your Locker Today!