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Adornment, Demonstrations, All Shoppes

All About Tails

Providing the finest durable tails in the land. Our artisans also create one-of-a-kind leather and fur costuming specifically designed to your needs. We also create dream weaves and spirit shields inspired by native american designs.

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Adornment, Clothiers, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Alli Designs

Alli Designs will outfit you from the top of your head to the jewels around your ankle and everything in between! We offer original designs that are made from soft and breathable fabrics - many dyed with our own custom shades and colors - and all made to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes. When in one of our shops, you will be greeted by friendly salespeople who are trained to help you create countless different complete outfit opportunities with just a few separates. To further accentuate your style, we have a large selection of high-quality scarves and hand-painted sarongs available in a variety of designs, colors, sizes, and even textures. We also offer clothing and hair accessories, as well as fine jewelry to add the finishing touches to your desired fair day, or any day look. At Alli Designs, you will find that our clothing and accessories are created for wear at the Renaissance Faire, but are also for your everyday wear, or even a high-class date night! But more importantly, they are created and designed to make everyone who dons our wares look and feel great!


Adornment, Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Amazonian Treasures

A wonderful selection of unique handcrafted gifts and toys at great prices! Located across from the Falconer's Stage, we are on the main walking path to Sherwood and the Magic Garden Walk. Stop in and say Good Day, we look forward to telling you all about our products and the stories behind each one.


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

American Oak Barrel

American White Oak barrels for aging spirits, bootleg kits for making your own spirits and pirate barrel drinking mugs.


Candles and All Things Aromatic, All Shoppes, Whimsies, Adornment, Aromatics

Ananda Trader

Tools for prosperity, divination and luck. Ever type of incense, resin, stick, rope and pure incense. All the accessories you need to help keep you in balance. Minerals, runes, pendulums and oils. Our practitioners in the field will help you find what you are looking for.

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Weaponry, Demonstrations, All Shoppes

Angel Sword

  • Hand-Crafted Swords
  • Hand-Crafted Knives
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Weapon, Sword, Swords, Knife, Knives, Axe, Axes, Hand-crafted, Lifetime guarantee

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All Shoppes

ARTemis Designs


Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Annie's Leather Fineries


Adornment, Leatherwork, Whimsies, All Shoppes


Artsmyths, established in 2005, creates unique and theatrical Leather masks, headdresses, and accessories. We are a mother and daughter dynamic duo of devoted artisans.


Clothiers, Demonstrations, Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Asgardian Armory

At Asgardian Armory, we sell leather, armor, combat ready weapons and scalemail. We are fine purveyors of leather armor and leather accessories including but not limited to custom sheaths and full suits of armor. All of our weapons are created by true artisans that represent historical blades from around the world from a variety of time periods and have a lifetime guarantee. All our creations are handcrafted and made in the United States. Contact us for all your custom needs.


Adornment, All Shoppes

Austin Fine Arts

Earcuffs, cloak clasps, dragons, frogs, unique gemstone jewelry and more!


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Authentic Wardrobe


Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Avalon Leatherworks

  • Leather hats
  • Leather repair
  • Leather costume

Making and providing leather hats at TRF since 1974. Excellent customer service as evidenced by the high number of return patrons. A great selection to provide our customers with plenty of room to get creative while we customize their purchase on the spot.

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Demonstrations, Metalwork, All Shoppes

Azure Armoury

  • Plate Armor
  • Museum
  • Demonstrations

Offering Armor, Plate Armor, Custom Armor, Armour, Historical Armor

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All Shoppes, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Battlemaiden Studio

Explore a world of fantasy, horror, and magic through the paintings and drawings of artists David and Valorie Armour. David is a wizard with ink, rendering swirling landscapes and dark creatures. Valorie does her magic with watercolor, bringing fantastic beasts and fae to life. Artworks are featured on accessories for the home and to adorn thyself, every piece lovingly handcrafted by the artists themselves. Come and see live art demonstrations throughout the day.


Adornment, All Shoppes

Bazarre Traders

Parasols, Umbrellas and Fans


All Shoppes, Lotions and Potions

Beaute and the Bath


All Shoppes, Adornment

Big Hat Pirates

Leather hats and assorted pirate garb


All Shoppes, Children's Fare

Bird Whistles

Buy and sell masks and bird whistles.
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Adornment, All Shoppes

Bits and Bobs

Handcrafted assemblage pieces that are an eclectic mix of found vintage/antique items mixed with soldered glass techniques, leather and copper work.


Weaponry, All Shoppes

Bittersweet Armory

Swords, daggers, knives, axes, spears, including hand forged Damascus pieces. Armour, shields, helms, and helmets.We also carry a line of weapon accessories to wear your items in style while enjoying the village.


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Blazn Brazn Galleries

Handcrafted copper & brass sculptures. Flowers are fragrant & colors are achieved with a torch.


All Shoppes, Adornment

Blonde Swan Hats

Hand crafted hats and hat accessories.


Whimsies, Sculpting, Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Blue the Pipe Maker

Blue The Pipe Maker offers collections of US artisan made pipes, sculpture and wearable art.


All Shoppes, For Your Castle

Bones and Things


Weaponry, All Shoppes

Bows of the Risen Son

Primitive archery supplies & weapons handmade by Rod Scoville


At Your Service, Demonstrations, All Shoppes, Delectables

Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School

Homemade root beer, free samples of Renaissance Ale, brewing equipment, t-shirts, posters, glassware, mead kits, and absinthe kits. Also brewing education, which consists of Brewmaster for a day, Brewmaster’s Breakfast Club, behind the scenes tour, home brew parties and brewing classes!


All Shoppes, Delectables

CBDragon Sweet Shoppe

Handmade gourmet belgium chocolate candy bars and ganache jars. Some items are CBD infused.


For Your Castle, Weaponry, Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Camelot Arms

Wooden Weapons for all Ages , Wooden Swords and Shields, Everything for your Young Wariors Hacking, Bashing And Slashing Needs ....


Adornment, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Candlelight Rocks

Fine hand crafted oil lamps made from natural stone.

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Clothiers, All Shoppes

Casta Diva

Original design clothing


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Casta Diva's: Painted Diva

Original design clothing


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Castle Décor

Let's get Medieval!! Tapestries, curtains, furniture, Alpaca wool blankets, magic wands, clay figurines, our trademark collectibles Animalitos™, Celtic designs, Swords, Shields, wind chimes, masks ……………… you name it, we probably have it! Anything that goes in your home or on the walls! If you don't see it, ask about ordering it. Come in, it's free to look around and you may find something unique for the kids, yourself, your spouse, Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary gift or just for the heck of it!
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Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Castle K'zar Leatherworks

  • Leather Armor
  • Leather Headpieces
  • Leather Ladieswear


All Shoppes

Castle Tower Creations

Striving to bring you the very best in medieval and renaissance theme items as well as custom embroidery. Featuring: Banners/Pennants, Hankies, Favor Sashes, Masks, Patches, Hand Muffs, Blankets, Scarves, Towels, Baby Bibs, Table Runners, Custom Orders for Family Crests, Company Logos, Parade Banners. Special Occasions or Hard to Shop for People Always Welcome Military, Police, and Teacher Discounts available. 1000's of patterns available in all themes.


Clothiers, Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Catskill Mountain Moccasins

We have been making custom moccasins for over 30 years. Every pair of our moccasins are custom made from a cast of each persons feet and legs. We are the oldest and most respected custom moccasin makers in the world. Our customers reach every walk of life from fashion designers like Donna Karan and Anna Sui to musicians like Joni Mitchell and Erika Badu, to film stars like Tommy Lee Jones and Benecio Del Toro to grand parents, teens and tens of thousands very happy Catskill Mountain Moccasin customers. As a master artisan and master Mason I take the tradition of Master teaching apprentice very seriously. Over the 30 years of my business I have had the honor of teaching some of the finest artisans In the renaissance business. Our family of dedicated, talented and loyal artisans, with over 160 years of combined custom footwear design and construction, is second to none. We invite every patron to visit us and see why Catskill Mountain Moccasins makes the finest footwear in the world. We also invite you to visit our website at
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At Your Service, All Shoppes

Celestial Thyme

  • Caring reputable psychics

Psychic readings, astrology charts, celestial jewelry, tarot cards.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

ChainMaille Fashions

ChainMaille fashions and carved coin jewelry.


All Shoppes, Adornment

Clockwork Traveler

Original designed clockworks jewelry.
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At Your Service, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Coat of Arms

  • Heraldry
  • Name History
  • Coats of Arms

Custom Heraldic products, Historical information, Items available same day.

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Delectables, All Shoppes

Coconut Stand

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All Shoppes, Adornment

Comfy Corvus

As you walk down the lane, a shimmer of blue and purple catches your eye. An old fashioned blue and purple cottage appears with an abundance of desirable amenities. By all appearances, this seems to be a place out of a storybook or fairytale. You are greeted by a sight of a large bird wearing a night cap perched upon the sign. The windows seem to be decorated with all sorts of things one would not find in a muggle world. What is this place?

This is the home of Comfy Corvus. Comfy Corvus is a new and exciting store with a variety of products for Muggles and Wizards! Many of our products are geared at muggleborn students including various school items as well as pouches, wands, and more!

Be transported to another world, just a side-step from this one. Our shop is filled with the most wonderful of all things magical. Please come in and browse. When you step through the door, take a deep breath and savour the wonderland of curiosities around you. Take time to bring a smile to your face and sidestep reality for a moment.

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Adornment, Children's Fare, For Your Castle, Weaponry, All Shoppes

Copper Sage Bows

You can be confident you're getting the best of the best at Coppersage Bows, the oldest bow shop in the lands! Coppersage Bows features a store front full of handcrafted bows of all kinds from your basic bows to cross-bows and even long bows. Coppersage Bows even has bows and weaponry for the young squires including kids cross-bows, longbows, shields and sling shots. Coppersage Bows also features a lavish assortment of furs, hides, skulls, bones, and feathers from a variety of admirable creatures! So please my lords, my ladies, stop on in at Coppersage Bows the black and orange structure located just outside the action packed jousting arena! You can't miss our antlers!


All Shoppes, Leatherwork, Adornment

Crimson Chain Leatheworks

Handmade leather armor and accessories.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Crystal Fynery Boss Wench

Original design Men’s & Women’s Renaissance Clothing


Adornment, Candles and All Things Aromatic, Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Crystal Mountain

We offer 150 different essential and fragrance oils. We have on hand 32 different hand dipped incense, the best you will ever find, and eye-catching, ever popular smoking bottles to burn them in. The windows are full of dazzling aroma necklaces to carry away your favorite scents. Essential & fragrance oils, incense & smoking bottle incense burners and unique aroma necklaces


All Shoppes, Adornment

DaVinci Scientifica

Steampunk styled costume accessories incorporating wood, leather, metal, glass, found items and antiques.


For Your Castle, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Dan Thompson Fine Arts

Dan has been drawing all his life and got his professional start by selling original artwork out of the trunk of his car. His talent was recognized about 1979, when he was accepted into the Colorado Renaissance festival as one of the original craft vendors. For over 38 years, he traveled to the Texas Renaissance Festival, and other fairs and festivals around the country, selling his FANTASY ART to enthusiastic customers. Nowadays, he can only be seen in Texas and Colorado. Dan's ink and pencil art, along with the best paper, makes a fantastic medium for intricate and beautiful coloring books. He offers two sizes, 11x14 and 4x8. His artwork is also sold as matted prints, single prints, post cards, Christmas cards, puzzles, and bookmarkers.


All Shoppes, Delectables

Danny Boy Pipes

Pipes, pipes accessories, and tobacco
a christmas tree


Pottery, All Shoppes

Delwaide Pottery

Original design pottery handmade by RJ Delwaide


Candles and All Things Aromatic, Demonstrations, All Shoppes

Designs in Wax: The Legendary Candle Co.

Scented container, pillar, votive candles, hand-carved candles, hand-carved wedding & unity candle sets and candle carving demonstrations.
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For Your Castle, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Done With Mirrors

The product is handmade stained glass and copper framed antique art.


Children's Fare, Demonstrations, All Shoppes

Doodle Tots

Doodle Tots is a whimsical adventure for the littles, offering children's costumes, headpieces, accessories, tea sets, and collectibles for size newborn and up. Make an enchanted stuffed animal by hand and create a memory to last a lifetime.


All Shoppes, Leatherwork

Dragon Hatchery

28, 315, 648F

Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Dragon Pets

Engineer, alchemist, artist, and craftsman, Richard Terry, creator of My Dragon Pets™, is a true Renaissance man. Whether working in his home studio outside Houston, TX, or his mobile workshop on the road, Richard meticulously hand crafts each item. Utilizing his artistic talents, extensive knowledge of organic chemistry, and his fine eye for detail, he creates fantasy objects that delight both children and adults alike.

a couple of lawn chairs


At Your Service

Dragon Wagons Festival Scooters

We offer electric scooters for adults, as well as covered and uncovered wagons to pull your child and other treasures. Strollers and wheelchairs also available in limited quantities. Available outside Front Gate booth 165 or reserve ahead by calling Dragon Wagons Festival Scooters at 817-808-6249 or emailing


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Dragon's Den

Handmade items: embroidered banners, pillows, wall hangings and some quilts; Imports: dragons, faeries, etc statues, wind chimes, stones


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Dragon's Den Costumes

Costumes and accessories for the entire family. Hats and headpieces, feather accents, air brush art, painting art/painted capes. Our items are designed and hand-made by owners.


Candles and All Things Aromatic, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Dragon's Garden

Gourds have been used by many different cultures for centuries. Items from the Dragon's Garden include dried gourds in both functional and decorative designs. Complimented by unique oil candles as well as other garden mythical themed items.

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All Shoppes, At Your Service, Portraits and Print

Dragon's Lair Old Tyme Photos

  • Photos
  • Costumes
  • Portraits Picture
  • Frames Old Time Photos

We are an Old Time Photo and costume company, and have been part of the Texas Renaissance Festival since 1984. Dragon's Lair Old Time Photos offers guests entertainment, a perfect costumes, a great photo, but most of all a really good time and a memory for a lifetime!

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Adornment, Clothiers, For Your Castle, All Shoppes


Original design pirate garb, belly dance sets, maiden-wear, jewelry and accessories.


Clothiers, All Shoppes


Your visit to the Village of New Market begins and ends with a peek inside The DragonSlayer, home of the shire's Official Merchandise. And lest you think this is your everyday peasant's souvenir shop, we invite you to browse our displays full of brand new apparel designs, drinking vessels, and other gifts. Eager to see the latest Collectible Tankard? Have an infant in your stroller who needs a sassy onesie? Maybe you are on the hunt for a bauble to add to your ring of keys or charm bracelet? Better yet, take a look at our children's books, board games, and plushies to plan a nite of family fun! After all, when you can't decide, why not just take one of everything? It's up to you how your choose to bring your adventure home with you! Oh...and never fear, if you forget your phone charger, toiletries, or over the counter needs, we've got you covered too. We carry all of our convenience items and the staple souvenirs in both the DragonSlayer and three "Mini-Slayers" located through out the Village!


Adornment, All Shoppes

Earth Art

EarthArt has been offering fine sterling silver jewelry in New Market Village's original inner circle since 1991. Our expansive selection of gemstone jewelry, puzzle rings, and classical home decor will enchant you as our engaging staff help you to all that your heart desires, so that you may add some of your adventure to your own private collection at home. Behold the beauty of nature and the artistry of generations... at EarthArt. We also encourage you to visit our sister shoppe, Renaissance Gypsy boothe 250, just on the other side of the Circle.


Adornment, All Shoppes

Earthen Capture



Adornment, All Shoppes, Children's Fare, Whimsies, All Shoppes

Elf Ears

Embrace your inner elf ! Let us transform you with professional grade elf ears custom fit and applied with makeup to match. It’s a quick elf salon experience for children and adults alike. The ears are reusable and easy to reapply. Made in the USA.


All Shoppes, Children's Fare, Whimsies

Elisabella's Royal Closet


All Shoppes, Lotions and Potions

Enchanted Formulae

Throughout the Village

At Your Service, Delectables, Demonstrations, All Shoppes

Heorots Mead Hall by RenMead

RenMead is the official Mead of the Texas Renaissance Festival. Try the King's Mead and Queen's Mead throughout the festival or do a sampling of 12 different meads at Heorot Mead Hall


At Your Service, All Shoppes

The Enchanted Realm

The Enchanted Realm is a mystical experience of practicing soothsayers, tarot card readers, palm readers, crystal and rune stone readers. Our family of psychics are ready and willing to begin you journey into the mystical realms.


Demonstrations, Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Estelril Apothecary

Traditional Native American and European recipes come together in a Renaissance version of a functional apothecary. The owners bring over 90 years of training and study in herbal lore between them. Mary and Sakeeta remain as two of only a handful of artisans, continuing the tradition of whole herb incense. This variety of incense remains as the incense of choice for Native American and many other nature based religious ceremonies world-wide. During the festival, stop by and witness demonstrations on making salves, whole herb incense, and other products during the day. Products range from Liquid and Bar Soap, Lotions, Salves, Salts, Shower Gels, Massage Oils, Smudge Sticks, Aroma Oils, and any number of products that are made from essential oils or whole herbs. Prices range from 25 cents to $25.00. Many items include 3 for pricing to allow you an opportunity to mix and match your favorites. Custom blends at no additional charge. Stop by to visit an old fashioned, functional apothecary at booth 246.


All Shoppes

The Keep

Sir LocksAlot will keep your belongings safe at The Keep. New Market Village's new locker and storage rental facility, located just inside the village entrance. Every locker has a USB charger. Forgot your phone charging cable? No problem, they have those for sale at a great price! Won't fit in a locker, they have Hooks in the back for oversized items! Other gifts available! Try our latest service…………Concierge! Don't carry stuff around all day. Buy it, call us, we pick it up FREE and transport it to Shoppe #1. You pick it up on the way out. We've got you covered. Call 913-706-5471 for a FREE pick-up just pay for the Hook


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Wildsteel Kingscraft

Metal artwork and home decor.

a bunch of items that are sitting on a table

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Adornment, Whimsies, All Shoppes

Pendragon Jewelry

Original designed jewelery. Jewelry and pewter purchased for resale, chimes, boxes, beads, fairies, childrens gift bags, wands
a group of shoes and a knife on a table


Leatherwork, Weaponry, All Shoppes

The Flying Hun

Archery and Leather is a premier supplier of Eastern and Eurasian archery equipment, including bows, arrows, custom leather gear, tack and saddles - we specialize in all aspects of ground and horseback archery. We supply equipment used by the Mongols, Hungarians, Turks and many more.


Adornment, Clothiers, All Shoppes

Zevart’s Bazaar and Exotic Apparel

A Bizarre Bazaar shopping experience with one of a kind handcrafted items and beautiful garb to dress up your body! Add some shiny accessories or wrap up in a tapestry for those cool November nights. Tapestries, rugs, jewelry. Choose your weaponry or cool off with a fan. You will find many wonderful and unique gifts at great prices.


For Your Castle, Whimsies, Adornment, Clothiers, All Shoppes

Great Hall

The Great Hall (Booth #16) is one of the grandest shoppes at the Texas Renaissance Festival. We are but a stones throw from the front gate, and lie next door to the Globe stage. Our sprawling storefront offers original design clothing and adornments from Alli Designs, as well as a generous selection of handmade pottery and drinking vessels from John Coiner Pottery. Also in our booth, we have a wide array of treasures from our travels; such as magic wands and staffs, slump glass bowls on driftwood, wares for your castle and estate, and many other fine arts – all uniquely designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans. From whimsical trinkets, collectibles and costume accessories, to heirloom pieces for your hearth and home, the Great Hall has it all!

17, 233

For Your Castle, Pottery, All Shoppes

John Coiner Pottery

Original, handmade pottery by John Coiner


All Shoppes

Oak, Ash, and Thorn

Oak, Ash & Thorn is a mystical metaphysical shop of the healing arts for mind, body and soul. An exceptional collection of statuary, jewelry, crystals and stones, herbs, incense, oils, tapestries, wood carvings, leather journals, books and more.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Unicorn Clothing

Original design clothing by Teri Evans
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Adornment, All Shoppes

Prince Charming

Welcome to Prince Charming, where you can crown thyself Princess with one of our fyne crowns, and become enchanted with our whimsical adornments. We are proud to offer the highest quality workmanship and helpful, knowledgeable staff. Huzzah!

a kitchen filled with appliances and cabinets


Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Shoes by Renboots

a store filled with lots of luggage


Clothiers, Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Express Steamworks

  • Leather Steampunk pouches, baldries
  • Bracers, belts
  • Men's and ladies steampunk clothing


Adornment, All Shoppes, Whimsies

Southern Exposure

  • Handcrafted
  • Original
  • Art pieces

Steel garden and wall art, original designs, plasma cut steel.


Metalwork, All Shoppes

Fellowship Foundry

Handmade pewter goblets, wedding glasses, beer steins, necklaces and sculpture.


Musical Instruments, All Shoppes

The Village Flutemaker

40, 133B

All Shoppes, Leatherwork

Rena's Leather

Original tails and ears shoppe, best prices, quality and quantity!


Clothiers, Adornment, All Shoppes

Silk Road Trunk Show

Men and Women's festival clothing, TribeNine utility belts, tribal jewelry and accessories. Large selection of warm festival outerwear for those brisk festival weekends

42, 123, 658A

Adornment, At Your Service, Demonstrations, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Sean Potter: Medieval Metal

Hair accessories: hair twisters, ponytail wraps, hair hooks, charms and hair armor. Jewelry: rings, earcuffs, earrings, bracelets, finger bracelets, ear wraps, necklaces, crowns and anklets.


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Sky Chairs

Sky Chairs Fashioned by Hand in Minnesota. Hanging Canvas Chairs. Comfortable and Fun, inside or outside hung from rafter, beam, porch or tree. Robert and Molly Anderson have handcrafted SKY Chairs since 1976 and shown them at the Texas Renaissance Festival since 1979. Stop by their Shoppe to rest and relax in one of the 20 SKY Chairs. Many colors and two fabrics to choose from to bring to your home.

45, 262

Clothiers, All Shoppes


Renaissance Festival Clothing! Mens and Womens!
a tree in front of a building


Adornment, Candles and All Things Aromatic, Clothiers, Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Magick Cauldron

The Magick Cauldron is a 35 year old company located at 2424 Montrose in Houston, TX. We have been a proud associate of the Texas Renaissance Festival since 2001. We offer a unique selection of goods that change every year from around the world. You never know what treasures you will find at the Magick Cauldron. We have the largest selection of wood, foam, and steel video game and anime swords in the land. The Cauldron also carries journals and unique jewelry. Our stone selection will have tumbled and specimen pieces. The Cauldron's statue selection is second to none, fairies, dragons, arch angels, Viking, Gods and Goddesses and much more. Then we have a section of just neat stuff. Come see us at booth 55 in the back corner of the fair next to the Tower Stage in the German Village.


Weaponry, All Shoppes

Mystic Armory

The Mystic Armory, Booth 54, was created because our sword sales grew too large for one building. In 2015 we built a building specifically for weaponry and armor. At the Mystic Armory you will find over 700 different items for your perusal. The Mystic Armory offers the largest selection of weaponry in the fair. We have prop pieces, licensed movie and TV replicas, battle ready swords and knives from around the world, antiques and collectables. The Mystic Armory boasts some of the BEST prices and quality in the land. Come visit us at the back of the Fair in the German Village next to the Tower stage.


Adornment, All Shoppes

Silvernail Jewelry

Original design jewelry handmade by Gordon Silvernail


Adornment, All Shoppes

Gypsy Wings Travelbags

Original design bags by Rebekah Paparella


For Your Castle, All Shoppes, Adornment, Whimsies

La Baraque de Marco Polo

Unusual finds from faraway lands: Clothing,purses & jewelry,drums & skulls,natural incense & puzzle boxes , fans & chimes , bells & wall décor , cats , monkeys & elephants , plus much , much more to discover.
a store shelf filled with books


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Great Scot

  • Handmade ladies billie kilts, Standard kilt skirt
  • Chemise, ladies belts, bags, Scottish dress
  • Men's kilts, men's belts; Scottish accessories
a group of people in costumes


Leatherwork, All Shoppes

New Wineskins Leather Magicians

New Wineskins Leather is a family-owned leather company. We started creating and marketing leather in 1972 then, we found our calling at Renaissance Fairs in 1973. 'Conceived in Love and Made With Care ' is the company motto. As second and third generation crafters, we still cotinue to honor our ancestors principles. Our focus is on costuming that can also be worn in everyday life. Please come view our wears. We are right across from the English garden and two doors down from the Polish Pub. Have a most wondrous season at the Texas Renaissance Fair.


Adornment, Clothiers, Whimsies, All Shoppes

Four Quarters

Four Quarters has been hand crafting our wares for 20 years. We make a wide variety of items, including garments, hammers, canes, staffs and jewelry. We love making people happy and welcome a visit.


Children's Fare, Demonstrations, Sculpting, All Shoppes

The Highland Rat

Soft sculpture creations specializing in rats of various shapes and sizes. Dragons and other fanciful creatures make periodic appearances as well.
a room with many items


For Your Castle, Adornment, All Shoppes

Midnight Mist

Midnight Mist a booth full of beautiful tapestries in the form of wall hangings, bags, and pillows. Tapestries were used to adorn the castle walls as a beautiful way to keep the castle walls draft free. There are also essential oils and unique headpieces and hats.


Weaponry, All Shoppes

Hollow Earth Swordworks

At Hollow Earth Swordworks we offer fine hardwood sparring weapons, and fully-functioning wooden crossbows inspired by those used from the 13th to 16th century. For holding your weaponry at the ready, a full line of leather belts, belt frogs, and backslings. From the serious practitioner in the art of the sword, to the young squire or shield maiden, we have a sword for you. We are at your service.


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Lazer Engravers and More

Custom engraved items on wood & glass as well as custom crosses & items for your castle


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

The Broom Closet

The Broom Closet is a wonderous, magickal merchant where unique and special goods adorn our shelves. Artisans and Craftspeople from all over the world create our collections representing all pantheons, practices and beliefs. Statues, hand-made leather bound journals, hand-made and hand-carved brooms, wands, hats, silver and semi-precious jewels and ritual adornments, crystals, incense, oils, inks, quills, parchment, tarot cards, rune stones, pendulums, plaques, art, books and more!!


Adornment, All Shoppes

Set in Stone

Sterling silver renaissance style jewelry, rings and adornments, set with beautiful gemstones.

a close up of a person


At Your Service, All Shoppes

Twisted Sisters

The Twisted Sisters have been braiding for years in this location. See us for the latest in Renaissance and modern styles. We are available for weddings and parties, both here at Texas Renaissance Festival and other venues.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Peacocks and Dragonflies

Fine handmade wares starting from the wee sizes into the later years. Clothing that inspires one to partake in the festival festivities.

a store inside of a building


Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Father Thyme Herbal Emporium

  • Handcrafted
  • Apothecary
  • Aromatherapy
  • Essential Oils


Adornment, All Shoppes

Royal Family Jewellery – The Amber Room

  • Amber
  • Sterling
  • Opal
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst
  • Garnet

We specialize in Baltic Amber Jewelry, We also offer the largest selection of high quality sterling jewelry with natural stones, opal, and pearls. We provide excellent customer service - we guarantee our product.

a box on a table


Adornment, Demonstrations, All Shoppes


  • Wirework
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Custom Names

Custom names, custom phrases, custom design, fine jewelry, wirework, gold, silver, rose gold, adjustable rings.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Mystic Cloak & Tailor

One of a kind Water-Proof cloaks, throws, and cloak clasp


Adornment, All Shoppes

Metal Mistress

Artist Brenda Duncan: Handcrafted jewelry from head to toe


Adornment, At Your Service, All Shoppes

Wigs of Whimsey

Wigs of Whimsey provides wigs and hair accessories in every color, shape and style. We also will make custom wigs and hair accessories to suit your needs. Lace gloves and lace masks are available as well. Our shop can be found just two doors past wax hands.


Children's Fare, Woodcrafters, Adornment, All Shoppes

Whirlwood Magic Wands

Whirlwood Magic Wands are real magic wands of the highest reputation. This is the world’s largest collection of hand-made wooden wands, created in the Old World style, world-renowned for their great power, beauty, elegance, and fine craftsmanship. Each magic wand is a work of art made from the finest hardwoods, one at a time, by hand, by master craftsmen. Whether you are a discriminating collector or a practitioner, you will find the perfect magic wand at Whirlwood.


Weaponry, All Shoppes

McCoy's Armory

Imported medieval & renaissance swords, knives, polearms, hatchets, whips and accessories.


All Shoppes, Clothiers

Elisabella’s Royal Closet


For Your Castle, Musical Instruments, All Shoppes

Tribal Revival

Specializing in fine hand crafted (by the artist) bamboo didgeridoos and tribal drums; Bodrans, djembe, prayer drums, meditation items, and folk string instruments including the authentic Renaissance lute.

a group of people in a room


Pottery, All Shoppes

Violet Moon Pottery

Handmade pottery, functional works of art


Demonstrations, Metalwork, All Shoppes

The Royal Mint

Demo Times: 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm Come work a full scale replica of a 15th century drop hammer mint. Hand crank up the 300 lb. hammer to 12 feet in the air, pull the lever and strike your very own 1 troy ounce souvenir coins. The coin design and date change every year, so start your collection with this year’s coin. We have a smaller sledge hammer mint with souvenir coins as well.


Clothiers, Demonstrations, All Shoppes

Woven Magic

Dawn Runkel began a study of the weaver’s art may years ago as a simple hobby. From such humble beginnings, she has grown to become a master of this centuries-old craft. Her demonstrations present the entire craft of spinning and weaving from selecting raw wools to the spinner’s wheel then finally to the weaver’s loom to create an original, handcrafted work of art.


Demonstrations, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Gutenberg Press

The Gutenberg Press is a full functioning 15th century print shop, similar to that of Johannes Gutenberg, complete with a full-size reproduction of a 15th century printing press, a type foundry for creating type for the press and a paper making area. A demonstration for any or all of these processes is available upon request throughout the day. The shoppe also has a wide variety of brass rubbings and printed goods for sale. Demo Times: Throughout the Day
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For Your Castle, Weaponry, All Shoppes

The Pirate Docks

The Pirates Treasure is a premier weapons retailer. We offer a selection of swords, knives, daggers, pole arms, axes, whips, leather accessories and carriers. There is a selection of modern to historical weapons in a wide price range. The Pirates Treasure also features the daily Pirate Auction and giveaway at the Docks


Pottery, All Shoppes

Rose & Crown Pottery

Hand-thrown pottery by Norma Elvin


Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Wee Peeple

Dolls, wearable art and more!


Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Over the Edge Gallery

Toy guns, tanned hides and furs


Woodcrafters, All Shoppes

Lady Mac's Horns Canes & Staffs

Handcrafted walking staffs & canes, drinking & blowing horns and antler & horn jewelry.


Adornment, At Your Service, All Shoppes

The Sun & Moon Hideout

Old gypsy magic still works today. This shoppe is filled with magical bottles created from recycled items, beadwork, and deerskin medicine bags and hair ornaments. Tarot cards, runes, and crystal ball readings by appointment by Ms. Lauri, a 44-year veteran of TRF.

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Adornment, Clothiers, All Shoppes

Silver Leaf Costumes

Silver Leaf Costumes creates handmade clothing for the discerning lady and gentleman-- or pirate, princesses, highland lad and lass, bride and groom and more! Our custom pieces are fashioned using designer fabrics, sturdy linings, and real flat steel boning. We are particularly known for our Renaissance cosplays, combining hand-tooled leather emblems with our corsets and jackets to bring your favorite heroes back in time. With corsets, chemises and skirts, pirate jackets, Captain's coats, demi jackets, and gypsy vests, Silver Leaf has a look for everyone at the Festival!

a group of people in a store


Adornment, Whimsies, Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Imaginarium Galleries

  • Dragon Puppets
  • Children's Toys
  • Fantasy Art

Handcrafted, Family Business, Functional Art


Adornment, Weaponry, All Shoppes

Garland, Swords & Shields

By order of His royal Majesty, King Henry VIII, in this magical village there shall be no naked heads. Be ye ever so cautious, yet ye be found without, the Garland booth lies just to the left as one enters the Front gate to the Village. Herein ye will find had picked blossoms to adorn the loveliest of tresses. Hand wrapped and garnished with ribbons to compliment every attire. Should the magic of the day capture thoughts away, there are garland poles located throughout the site to prevent notice from Royalty should nakedness prevail beyond the entrance. So that young Lords my avail themselves of proper weaponry, the Swords & Shields booth is just next door, offering fine hand made weapons to protect against invading marauders and distasteful dragons. Should the need for more weaponry present itself, swords and shields carts are easily spotted throughout the village.


At Your Service, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Jesters Portraits

  • Portraits
  • Photos
  • Souvenir

We capture the memory of your visit so you don't have to! Stop, gather the family (or friends / and friends) and smile for your portrait! Our Jester's are specially trained to frame in the portrait with one of our seasonal overlays to add to your portrait.

a close up of a book


Adornment, All Shoppes

Uncommon Adornments

  • Jewelry
  • Handcrafted
  • Sterling

Jewelry, Uncommon, Adornments, Handcrafted, Sterling, Silver, Unique, Celtic, Knots, Celestial, Historic, Mythical


Clothiers, All Shoppes

The Frock Shoppe

The Frock Shoppe offers unique, quality garments. Along with our one-of-a-kind signature Liz skirts, and our one-of-a-kind steel-boned bodices, corsets and belts, you will find an array of skirts, chemises and blouses to combine into a truly special costume. Our children's line includes girl's and boy's costume pieces.


At Your Service, All Shoppes

Ladies In Braiding

We are a hands-on artistic company weaving hair into traditional and contemporary designs.

209, 210, 625I

Clothiers, All Shoppes

Highland Kilt

Highland Kilt Company features traditional kilts in over 150 different tartans in stock right here at Texas Renaissance Festival, as well as all the accessories to outfit you from head to toe: Highland Shirts, Sporrans, Hats, Shoes, and more. Scots Women will delight in our assortment of dresses, skirts, wraps, and tartan accessories, and of course we have kilts for the wee ones as well! And be sure to check out are wonderful line of Irish goods. We have your every Celtic need covered!


For Your Castle, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Studio De Sade

Nigel Sade and Sarah Wilkinson are the founding artists at Studio de Sade, a Fine Art studio that has been sharing their art with fans for over 17 years. The studio has a couple student artists under their tutelage. Their artwork ranges from popular culture and beloved fandoms with a fine art twist, to symbolic abstracts and surrealism-based original artworks, exploring emotion, world views and deep personal connections. They offer high quality art prints, bandanas, and art pendants. There are several sizes of prints, including the newest Texas size print. A protective bag and board is included with every purchase, and the ability to store purchases at the booth for later pickup. They are located at shoppe 215, across the street from The Globe stage! To browse the art, please visit:

217, 252A

For Your Castle, Woodcrafters, All Shoppes

Wondrous Works in Wood

Handcrafted wooden mugs, goblets, cutting boards, earring holders, bowls, vases, wine balance holders, pitchers, leather and jeweled mug accessories, wine stoppers and other wooden gift items.


Adornment, All Shoppes

Illusions Into Reality

Artist Hal Robinson has been a working as a full time artist for 45 years. Illusions Into Reality proudly displays his handmade original designs in a variety of metals, glass, steal, stone, and clay. He also works in Sterling Silver, 14K gold, and Bronze with unique gems and hard to find stones. Hal can custom design a one of a kind piece of wearable art just for you. He is also known for his many unique and breathtaking wedding and engagement creations designed to 'Wow' your friends and family for a lifetime.


Adornment, All Shoppes

Walkabout Jewelry

Unique one of a kind rings, ear rings, and necklaces, hand-made in Austin, TX using sterling silver, 14k gold, copper, and natural gemstones.

a person in a yellow dress posing for a photo

221, 244

Clothiers, Whimsies, All Shoppes

Heart's Delight

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Headwear

We have Corsets and clothing for All Sizes and Genders. Family owned and Operated for three Generations. Handmade, Designed and Dyed in America.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Faire Pair

Handmade medieval-inspired clothing by Faire Pair. Our fabrics (including the velvets) are made of “dry-wicking” breezy stretchy goodness so you are amazingly comfortable in most all kinds of weather. Everything washes too. We feature Wedding gowns and Bridesmaid gowns, Grooms and Groomsmen wear. Outerwear choices include Grand-Cloaks, Capes, Wraps, Hooded-Mantles and Fleece 4-in-one Capes for the very cold days. We are well known for our Dresses, Tops, Tunics, Tabards, Vests and glorious Robes. For the wee ones, we have a selection of kids clothing too including kid capes and mantled hoods. Maternity?…No problem! We have you comfortably covered. Come to see the photos of the moms-to-be wearing the off-the-rack goodies. Yay stretchy-goodness! Our Tights and Shorts will cure your chafing bits (We are looking at you funny-walking kilt-guy). Curves are encouraged here. Ladies size 0-26 and Mens up to 4X. We are a fun and friendly bunch so do come by. Welcome and prepare to be awe-inspiring!
a woman wearing a hat


Adornment, Clothiers, All Shoppes

Kronos Steamworks Emporium of Fanciful Ephemera

Step into the time-traveling corners of the Kronos Steampunk Emporium for fanciful clothing, home goods, and leatherwork all meant to conjure your imagination to the future of what some wizards call the "steam age". Our little "punkies" will give you impeccable service and knowledge and then encourage you to find something in nooks and crannies that must come home with you. See the future without having to time travel all alone!

a person wearing a costume


Clothiers, All Shoppes

My Favorite Dress Shop

One of a kind hand painted dresses, custom made corsets, petticoats, and hats all designed by local Texan Dakota Zayles. We also specialize in big princess dresses, and fantasy character wedding dresses.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Renaissance Moccasins

Return to a time of real nobility when they understood the importance of beautiful yet comfortable footwear. Nothing quite compares to Renaissance Moccasins. Equisite leather. Soft comfort. Rugged durability. Stop by and choose the perfect shoe that captures your imagination and fits your lifestyle. Renaissance Moccasins…leaves imitations to the weak of heart!
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Clothiers, All Shoppes

Jiva's Goddesswear

Come visit JIVA'S GODDESSWEAR at booth 229 across from the Hispanic Food Area. We offer beautiful, captivating designs for women in silk and velvet, as well our new exciting men's attire. You'll have more fun in costume at the fabulous Texas Renaissance Festival!


Adornment, All Shoppes, Metalwork

Honorable Company of Metalsmiths

  • Adornment
  • Metalwork
  • Pewter

We make the largest Handmade selection of Puzzle Rings in Solid Gold or Sterling Silver in the world. We also make the only fully functional metal Astrolabe in the world. We also make a complete line of Historical Scientific Instruments.

238, 239

Demonstrations, Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Rev's Armour Werx

Original Leather Products customized and made for you while you watch. Armour, clothing, pouches, bracers, celtic, drinking accessories, weapon carriers, custom scabbards and novelties. Demonstrating Artisan
a display in a room

240, 625H

Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Roman Bath

Roman Bath has been selling, high quality, uniquely scented, soaps and personal grooming products, since 2002. Our handmade products use only the highest quality natural and organic materials to craft the finest products for our customers. Simple Packaging Superior Product.


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Mystic Stones

Aventurine to Zebra Stone, Herkimer Diamond to rust streaking Hematite, Mystic Stones has over a thousand different crystals, gems and minerals specimens. We gather stones from around the world to bring you stunning beauty at incredible prices. Curious seekers can come learn the folklore of the stones; the powers the ancient mystics believed each stone could bring to you. Rock hounds can some to the shop to learn scientific information from our ample library. Learning how certain specimens form and where they are found and discover how crystals are formed. Come in and develop a discerning eye and learn what makes a mineral specimen collectible


Adornment, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Royal Peacock Royal Court Jewlery

We are Booth 243 Royal Peacock Royal Court Jewelry. We have Chains of Office, Bodice jewelry, natural stone Necklaces, wire wrap pendants, and crowns
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Adornment, All Shoppes

The Silver Tongue

From elegantly simple to elaborate creations, The Silver Tongue features hand-crafted jewelry. There's something for everyone! We carry rings of all sizes, earrings, earcuffs, armbands, necklaces, circlets and wristcuffs. Come see our selection of natural gemstones and molded metals today!


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Heart of the Mountain

Gift items made from Honeycomb Calcite (Stone from one mountain in Utah) Items include: Angels, crosses, Fleur De Lis, Mountain Scenes, light boxes, cubes, spheres, candleholders, wine racks. Stained Glass by Terri Rogers


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Swan Lace

We offer Renaissance clothing for the whole family- from wee lads to Lords and lassies to Ladies. Swan Lace presents a full line of beautiful original designs of high-quality clothing for your festival wear as well home, and in your own village. Come & view our walls of outfits on display featuring, unique Reversible Overbust & Underbust Corsets, Capes, Kilts, Doublets & more. While you visit please allow us to give you a tour of our most modern of day dress, our Modern Sarong. A magic garment which can now be worn in 17 different styles, creating several dresses, skirts, jumper (for work & play), an evening dress, several fun, cover-up styles for play - travel & festival costume outfits. Our shoppe assistants are ready to help, size and fit you into the perfect outfit to complete your renaissance fantasy day!


Adornment, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

The Renaissance Gypsy

Jewelry, chimes, and gifts purchased for resale


Clothiers, All Shoppes

The Merchant's Tailor


Adornment, All Shoppes

The Crown Jewels

Fine jewelry set in sterling silver – pearls, opal, amber, and many other natural stones. You can also have our pearl monger harvest your very own pearl from an oyster while you watch.


At Your Service, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Poetic Portraits

Oil Painting with photographic canvas and print in frames


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Ye Ole Odd Duck

For Ye Ole Odd Duck: Figurines are hand-crafted with a special sculpting clay, there are no paints or molds used in the creation of these amazing works of art. The Duck Pond also offers one of a kind decor for your home. With items like original paintings, wooden signs with swords, sculpted sconces, picture frames, or a 5' Dire Wolf you are sure to find just what you're looking for.

a bunch of luggage sitting on top of a suitcase


Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Poetic Earth Handmade Journals

  • Leather Journals
  • Leather satchels
  • Artist Sketchbooks

Leather Working whimsies for the castle and accessories.

a couple of people that are standing in front of a building


Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Renaissance Leather

Handcrafted leather accessories including belts, belt pouches, cell phone cases, hand bags, and sword scabbards, all made in Denver, Colorado.

a woman wearing a costume posing for the camera


For Your Castle, Clothiers, All Shoppes

Lost Island

Original design belly dance, lady pirate, nomadic wear and accessories.


For Your Castle, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Music of the Spheres Inc.

We make Precision Tuned Windchimes, 11 Tunings, 5 Sizes of Each, Plus 3 Specialty Tunings. Weights range from 2 to 200 pounds. We are located at Shoppe 266 at Texas Renaissance Festival in Mockingbird Lane.


Weaponry, All Shoppes

Kee's Longbows

a person holding a sign


Weaponry, Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Ravenswood Armoury

Ravenswood Armory

More than just a hobby… it's an obsession! To become acquainted with any Medieval or Renaissance style weapon or tool, you must first obtain the weapon or tool. The Ravenswood Armory strives to offer quality weapons, holsters and quivers to compliment your favorite attire. Most of the items we offer are hand crafted by professional creators who sometimes design fantasy weapons using real versions of their historical counterparts.

At Ravenswood Armory, we also excel at creating the highest quality custom leather archer gloves, arrow quivers and bow quivers. Our high quality products are handcrafted from quality hides and materials. If you have a desire to have a unique piece of archery equipment that stands out from others, then we're your source for an incredible archery experience. Whether you're shooting arrows for sport, target archery, hunting, or trying to battle dragons, we have something for you. Our gear is crafted with honesty and integrity to function better and last longer.


For Your Castle, Pewter, Metalwork, All Shoppes

Poppet Pewter

Handmade pewter figurines, metal art and bubble wands
a person standing in front of a building


All Shoppes, Clothiers

Fiona's Fineries

We provide historically inspired clothing for the discerning Patron or Participant that you can wear, get dirty, sweat in, and in general live in for days on end. Then throw in the washer (or in some cases, dry clean) and repeat the whole proscess. We have clothing for both men and women in a large variety of sizes. We believe that bodices and corsets, if made and worn correctly, are comfortable and a joy to wear and be seen in.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Moresca Clothing & Costume

Medieval, Renaissance and Fantasy clothing and accessories since 1974.


Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Opinicus Soaps

Handmade soaps, body products, herbal remedies and re-sell shaving brushes and dish (10% off the shaving kit)


Weaponry, All Shoppes

The Wylde Hunt

We are a huntsman’s shop. We manufacture a complete line of longbows and archery equipment, stone knives, arrowheads, quivers and much more. We also have a broad selection of the fruits of the hunt, including fur hats, gloves, and capes as well as soft leathers for those who wish to make their own accessories. For the wee ones, we have crossbows and a large assortment of fox tails. Flintknapping and bow building demonstrations are presented several times each day.
a table topped with different types of cakes


Adornment, All Shoppes

Lucia – Inspired Handcrafted Jewelry

Lucia's Gemstone Jewelry, a local Artisan, In a class of her own. She creates distinctive professionally Hand-Crafted Jewelry; with Authentic Pearls & Genuine Quality Gemstones. A Timeless Collection of Quality & Affordability; Custom made by Lucia, Robert & Angela. Team Lucia creates exceptional pieces in our Studio from start to finish. We're committed to serving our clients as we Guarantee All of our work. 20 years in Business at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

a cup of coffee on a table


Woodcrafters, All Shoppes, For Your Castle

The Knarly Knot

  • Family owned
  • Custom handcrafted
  • All natural woods

Handcrafted wood work, custom tankards and mugs, wood gaming accessories.


Children's Fare, Clothiers, Whimsies, All Shoppes

Titiana Garden of Delights

  • Fairy/Fantasy
  • Clothing
  • Collectibles

Fantasy inspired Corsetry, Clothing & Accessories for all sizes and Genders. Family owned and operated for three Generations. Shop is Based in Ventura, California where we make the clothing and Fairy Wings. Jewelry & Collectibles also available.

a girl sitting on the ground


At Your Service, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Whimsy’s Muse Photography

Award winning photography. Artistry and imagination collide for the most unique portrait experience. Do YOU Believe?

Walk-ins welcome or for an appointment please call 832-721-9495


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Jiva Silk Originals

Silk scarves and unique gypsy costumes based on Indian and Moroccan infused designs.

402, 420

Clothiers, Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Son of Sandlar

  • Leather
  • Boots
  • Clothing

Handmade leather boots and clothing.


Weaponry, All Shoppes

Imperial Mongolian Embassy & Trade Mission

The Imperial Mongolian Embassy and Trade Mission is a weapons shop founded in 1979. We not only sell a large array of swords, daggers, and other weapons, including Damascus steel, we also help to educate our customers on the history of weapons both in the medieval period and the Mongolian eras. We hope you'll take the time to visit our shoppe.

an old photo of a person


Adornment, For Your Castle, Glasswork, Portraits and Print, All Shoppes

Gypsy Wagon Art

a wooden table


All Shoppes, Children's Fare, Woodcrafters, All Shoppes

Timber Toy

  • Exotic hand crafted wooden tankards
  • Kitchen wares
  • Amusements

Exotic wood, tankards, mugs, cutting boards, fobs, straws, cheese knives, chess boards, bread knives, flying creatures, decoration, wine racks, goblets, hand crafted, one of a kind, kitchen ware, home decor, drinking.


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Lord McLaughlin's

Original design Men’s & Women’s Renaissance Clothing
a bunch of items that are on display


For Your Castle, All Shoppes, Adornment, Clothiers, Leatherwork, Whimsies

Primal Dreams


At Your Service, Candles and All Things Aromatic, All Shoppes

Penny's Magic Garden

Penny's Magic Garden has the magic of massage to relieve your aches and pains, and enhance your experience. Have the wonderful scents of live, dried, and essential oils of herbs in organic teas, bath salts, and honeysticks for health and enjoyment.


Delectables, All Shoppes

Lady McArthur’s Fiery Fare

Visit Lady McArthur's Fiery Fare where you will be able to sample many tasty morsels of Fiery Fare. We can guide you anywhere from Sissy Sauce (no heat at all) to Phoenix Fire which could be way too hot! Come sample and see.


Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Green Man Games & Books

Games, toys and books!
a store front at night


Adornment, All Shoppes

Metal Pleasures

Stainless steel jewelry, titanium jewelry, tungsten jewelry, rings, pendants, bracelets, chains, earrings and matching couple sets.
a cake made to look like a face


For Your Castle, Sculpting, Whimsies, All Shoppes

Faeries from the Swamp by Antoine

  • Faeries (fairies
  • Dragon Eggs, Sculpture
  • Sculpting, One of a Kind

Hand Sculpted, One of a Kind, Gem and Crystal Encrusted Dragon Eggs, Faeries and Enchanted Beings.

a person standing in front of a store


Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

The Salt Cellar & Royal Boot Shine

  • Bath Salt with no dyes/perfumes
  • Create your own recipes
  • Boot Rub shoe shine

Himalayan Salt, Bath Salt, Tea, boot rub, shoe shine, cooking salt, smoked salt.


Leatherwork, Clothiers, All Shoppes

Journeyman Leather

a person wearing a hat and glasses


Woodcrafters, All Shoppes

Wooden Journals & More

We are a family run business. Everything in our shop is handmade by us, our children and their spouses. We create unique Wooden Journals, Tankards, and various home decor. We are best known for our Stagger Sticks, "The cup that holds you up!"


Metalwork, Clothiers, Adornment, All Shoppes


Handcrafted metal products such as flasks, pins, bangles, chokers and patented hairspirals; Handcrafted pirate, peasant and cavalier hats only


For Your Castle, Weaponry, All Shoppes

The Pirates Treasure

The Pirates Treasure is a premier weapons retailer. We offer a selection of swords, knives, daggers, pole arms, axes, whips, leather accessories and carriers. There is a selection of modern to historical weapons in a wide price range. The Pirates Treasure also features the daily Pirate Auction and giveaway at the Docks

a group of people standing in a room

514, 520

Clothiers, Leatherwork, All Shoppes


  • Boots, shoes
  • Hats, gloves
  • Pouches, baldric, leather clothing
a bunch of clothes


Adornment, Clothiers, All Shoppes

Scot Shoppe

  • Tartan & casual kilts, shirts
  • Celtic footwear
  • Belts, sporrans and Celtic accessories
a cutting board with a cake on a table


Demonstrations, Metalwork, All Shoppes

Ravensmiths Blacksmiths

  • Metal work
  • Wood mugs with metal handles

Steel and bronze handcrafted items for home, camp and costumes.

a sign on the side of a building


Demonstrations, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Swept Away Brooms

You will be “Swept Away” by the one-of-a-kind brooms created by Sharon Jackson! Sharon creates beautiful yet functional brooms from broomcorn with handles of sweet gum, elm, hickory, or even willow and wisteria. Custom design your own broom for hearth and home and sweeping is no longer a chore. Come and watch continual demonstrations in broom making at the Broom Maker’s Shoppe.


Demonstrations, Glasswork, All Shoppes

Jodi Bove Hot Glass

Jodi Bove Hot Glass at the glassblowing pavilion: Performing the art of glassblowing while discussing the techniques used and history of the art.
a group of people standing around a table


Children's Fare, All Shoppes, For Your Castle



At Your Service, All Shoppes

Magickal Wynges and Thynges

  • Palmistry
  • Tarot
  • Runes

a close up of a decorated cake on a plate


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Nafi Handmade

Handmade & crafted Djmbe large & small, Fulami hat, handmade baskets, sand painting, home décor, precious oils


All Shoppes

Round Table Gourmet

The finest quality Italian infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Soup-dip-cheesecake-drink mixes (most are gluten free) Seasonings, and chef created hot sauces

625E, 686G

For Your Castle, All Shoppes

The Horn Shoppe

Near Globe Stage Maker of Drinking , Blowing, and Combination Horns. We make Mugs & Tankards and other items, all from cow horn. We honor Military, First Responders & Teachers with a 10% discount.


Adornment, For Your Castle, Sculpting, All Shoppes

Lady Artisan

Hand crafted sculpture in pewter and bronze. Body coolers and warmers for both Ladies and Lords. Functional metal arts such as flasks, candle holders, and mugs. Original hand cast jewelry. The artist Lady Artisan is usually in the shop working on her art. Stop by to say hello!


Candles and All Things Aromatic, Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Majikah Perfumery

  • Essential oil
  • Perfume
  • Aromatherapy

Hand blended artisanal essential oil perfumes. No additional charge for duplications of discontinued scents. Over 450 blends from which to choose. Enter code TRF for 10% off any purchase on our website.

636A, Falconer

Demonstrations, For Your Castle, Leatherwork, All Shoppes

Visker & Scrivener

Visker & Scrivener is a creator and purveyor of fine writing quills, inks, scrolls, leather-bound journals, and other oddities inspired by times past. We research, develop, hand-craft, and provide tools for artists, writers, calligraphers, and those aspiring to be.

636BB, Falconer

Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Kalid Medieval

Medieval toys for boys and girls. From early ages to teenagers. Top quality and very large collection handmade in Barcelona.


Adornment, Demonstrations, Glasswork, Sculpting, Whimsies, All Shoppes

Raven's Glass

  • Vortex marble
  • Figurines
  • Sculpture
  • Marbles
  • Glass spheres

Handmade glass art.

637S, 681FG

Adornment, Whimsies, All Shoppes

Pixie Point Fairy

Offering the FINEST, Handmade (in the USA) Fairy and Dragon wings for Boys, Girls and Pets of all ages. We also offer accessories for your Pixie and fairy needs!


Candles and All Things Aromatic, Children's Fare, For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Sand Storm

Bottled sand sculptures, make-your-own candles, butterflies on a stick, marbles by the bag, fairy dust and more.


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Lord of the Rings

Unique ear and head adornments, rings, anklets, necklaces and whimsical accessories.

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Wood Roses

Beautiful viberant roses made from wood that come in a large variety of colors that will brighten up everybody's day.


Children's Fare, All Shoppes

Original Dragons

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Portraits and Print, All Shoppes, At Your Service

Mega Mouse Arts

  • Art
  • Home Decor
  • At Your Service

Art, Fantasy, Japanese Inspired


Adornment, All Shoppes

His Majesty's Horns


Whimsies, All Shoppes

Fairy Haven

Handmade magical adornments to fill your fairy needs!
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652A, 683M

At Your Service, All Shoppes

Fantasy Hair Weavings

Hair Braidings


At Your Service, All Shoppes

Twyla's Tyes

Hand-crafted custom hair accessories! Individually unique hairwraps and whimsical ribbon wreaths waiting to add some extra flair to your wardrobe. Hairwraps are created with cotton string and beads and charms can be added as desired. Ribbon wreaths are made using organza ribbon and are fully adjustable.
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Children's Fare, All Shoppes


Have a FREE swordfight with your friends and family!!! Saferswords are cloth covered, foam padded swords available in all sizes, for all ages!!! From children 6 months of age, to full grown adults. Orders can be made online and shipped to you.


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Quicksilver Mint


All Shoppes

Nested Boxes and Walking Sticks


At Your Service, All Shoppes

The Royal Braiders

Hair Braiding, Hair Feathers & Fairy Tinsel
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25, 645F

Candles and All Things Aromatic, Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes

Fairy Secrets Lotion Candles

100% natural moisturizing soy lotion candles.


Children's Fare, All Shoppes

The Dragon's Lair


At Your Service, All Shoppes

Unicorn Photos


Adornment, All Shoppes

Wish Bottle Necklaces

Arena, Dove Meadow, Enchanted Forest, Globe Stage

At Your Service, All Shoppes

Henna Paradise

Roaming Throughout the Village

At Your Service, All Shoppes

Jeffries Rose and Pickle

In addition to roaming rose sellers throughout the entire New Market Village with their delicate flowers, find the brightly colored pickle carts for a tastey treat!

Front Gate, Globe Stage, Dove Meadow, Arena, Enchanted Forest, Odeon, Falconer Stage

At Your Service, All Shoppes

Face Painting

Talented Artists are located throughout New Market Village. Find your favorite! Front Gate: Debbie Bullock David Copeland Eve Myles Leia Copeland Globe Stage: Janet Burton Susan Griffin JoAnn Luco Dove Meadow: Marna Dannenbaum Jonathon Gilbreath Arena: Deborah Smith Enchanted Forest: Tiffany Crosby Odeon: Minga Almquist Falconer Stage: Mykos Gilbreath


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Margolis Fine Tobacco

For the finest pipe tobacco and wood pipes around come to Margolis Fine Tobacco! All of our tobacco is organic and blended daily for your aromatic pleasure.

Our unique blends are:

Apple Moonshine, flavored with fresh apples and real cinnamon sticks, with a true apple pie aroma.Caveman Cherry Spice is flavored with natural cherry extract and spiced rum, very aromatic and light smoking experience. Incredibly refreshing. Orange Vanilla is made with real zested orange peel, natural vanilla extract and a blend of wonderful tobacco leaf. Also available are Caveman Longbottom Pipeweed, Bone Bourbon, Smoked Whiskey, Pumpkin Spice, Holiday Blend, Chocolate, Vanilla, Kahlua, Irish Blend, Creme Brulee, Lemon Meringue Pie, Root Beer, Banana Split, Cognac, Mojito, and Amaretto.

Our friendly staff will help you through the whole process from picking out a pipe to selecting the precise tobacco for your taste!

F5, Arena

Adornment, All Shoppes

Nytes Emporium

One of a kind, uniquely handcrafted accessories for subcultures & cosplay such as dreads, headdresses, crowns, fascinators, horns, elf ears, arm warmers, collars, harnesses, wings, and various other fabric and leather accessories, Lifetime warranties on craftsmanship offer assurance your wearable art can be cherished for years to come. Discounts available for military, public servants, TRF ambassadors, pass holders, participants, and TRFF members. Custom commissions and 6-month layaway available. If you can think it, we can make it!


For Your Castle, Woodcrafters, Sculpting, All Shoppes

Greb Wood Works

When in the Kingdom, please do grace Greb Wood Works with your presence, and gaze upon the wares of artisan in residence, Lord Brian Greb. All means of treasure can be found in this quaint shoppe tucked among the gardens, including both decorative and purposeful use items. The displays abound with platters, bowls, cups, pens, wooden creatures, mushrooms, and a myriad of other sculptural works. Visitors to the shop can also find themselves treated to live demonstrations throughout the day! Be sure to catch Lord Greb in action as he creates magic before thine eyes on a DaVinci inspired, human-powered treadle lathe!
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Whimsies, All Shoppes

The Holiday Shoppe

Come celebrate the most anticipated season of the year at The Holiday Shoppe! We have Holiday ornaments for all faire lovers! Each ornament is hand made and can be personalized for all the Clans and pirates out there! Our renaissance elves have been very busy this year. Make sure you stop by and see all that we have to offer!

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Children's Fare, At Your Service, All Shoppes, Demonstrations, Whimsies

Juggler's Pointe

  • Juggling Toys
  • Skill Toys
  • Flow Toys

Jugglers Pointe offers a uniquely interactive play-centric learning environment for juggling and flow arts for people of all ages and walks of life. Lessons and demonstrations are ongoing from cannon to cannon and are free of charge to festival guests. We offer quality juggling props and flow toys, most of which is hand made (some by us) at affordable prices.


Adornment, All Shoppes

Fancy Feet Toe Rings

Custom fitted toe rings that go all the way around I also custom make you a chain or a ankle bracelet I have the Rope sandals


Pottery, All Shoppes

Stain & Stone Pottery

Stain and Stone Pottery, Shop F-58, is located next to the Bascillica Wedding Chapel. We make handmade dishes, cups, mugs and much more.


Adornment, All Shoppes

SweetSatya's Earthen Art

  • Original Crystal Artwork Jewelry
  • All one of a kind, no two necklaces are alike
  • G rated shop focusing on families and children


Candles and All Things Aromatic, Demonstrations, Lotions and Potions, All Shoppes, For Your Castle

Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers by NatureCraft

Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers - A shop by NatureCraft Products Inc. A family owned company out of Southern Ohio, NatureCraft creates all of their products by hand from pure, unadulterated, beeswax. Beeswax candles with handmade wicks, beeswax soaps, the original beeswax lotion bar, beeswax lip butters flavored with natural & organic fruit flavors, beeswax moisture creams & jellies, and many other beeswax balms & salves for your body, mustache, leather care, wood polish, and more. Browse their many artisan crafts on their web site at

158, 159

Clothiers, For Your Castle, All Shoppes, Adornment, Whimsies

The Enchanted Palace

  • Hats
  • Costumes
  • Accessories

Handcrafted, Family Business, Functional Art


618GR, 669A

All Shoppes, Clothiers, Leatherwork, For Your Castle

The Mask Shop

  • Handmade
  • Family Business
  • Functional Art

Masks, Accessories, Costume

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All Shoppes, Clothiers

Pirate's Delight

  • Clothiers
  • Jewelry
  • Collectibles

Pirate inspired Corsetry, Clothing & Accessories for all sizes and Genders. Family owned and operated for three generations. Shop is Based in Ventura, California where we make and dye the clothing. Jewelry & Collectibles also available.

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All Shoppes, Adornment, Clothiers, Leatherwork

Ravenswood Leather

For over 30 years, Ravenswood Leather has worked to provide the highest quality leather goods for our customers. We are renowned for our customer service and offer a large variety of bespoke leather clothing, allowing our customers to get custom tailored garments without the "custom" price tag. Along with our leather clothing, we also offer a variety of leather accessories including belts, baldrics, pouches, frogs, hats, and archery equipment. Nearly everything we offer is available for customization.

All of our leather products are handmade in the USA in southern Oregon, where our small crew works year round taking great pride in producing the finest in quality leather products. We hope that our joy in our work and pride in our quality spills over to you, our friends and customers.

Contact Phone: 541-830-3577

a weapon next to a knife


All Shoppes, Weaponry, Metalwork

Sabersmith Swords

  • Weaponry
  • Metalworking
  • Swords

We hand-craft all of weapons at our shop in Sunfield, Michigan. Our pieces are battle-ready and we lifetime guarantee them against proper use. Our blades are sharp, full-tang and made from American-made 1075 high carbon steel.

a close up of a colorful wall


All Shoppes, For Your Castle

Kiyan's Cove

  • Hand Selected Lamps
  • Cloth, Art
  • Furnishings crafted in Turkey

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Petrified Dragon

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Adornment, Aromatics, Leatherwork, Whimsies

Pandora's Box


All Shoppes

The Pirate Museum


All Shoppes, Whimsies

Widgets and Gizmos


All Shoppes, Woodcrafters, Whimsies, For Your Castle

John's Wood

3D wood art, homegoods, jewelry, laser engraved wood plaques, signs and pins.


All Shoppes, For Your Castle

H&H Glass Castle


All Shoppes

Scribal Work Shop

Illuminated Manuscripts and prints, wax tablets, bronze styluses, Shells of paints, historic Inks, Turned wood pens and inkwells, Quills, writing kits, Journals, Penner, Scrolls, Seals and sealing spoons, hand forged wax melting spoons, Fountain pens and ink, Bookbinding equipment, Historically dyed yarn, drop spindles and wool roving, Historic Bandweaving looms, Nalbinding Needles, Lucets, Knitting Stars, Fire Strikers and Tinder boxes, Writing desks/slopes, parchment, Lead-tin Stylus, chisels, utility and kitchen knives, mallets.


All Shoppes, For Your Castle

Stone Wick

Stone and Wood Homegoods 65%, Damascus Steel knives, swords, axes, other bladed items 35%.

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All Shoppes, Lotions and Potions

Green Faerie Apothecary

Absinthe Kits, loose leaf teas, tea accessories, CBD ointments


Adornment, Aromatics, Children's Fare, Whimsies

Gem Stone Mine


Adornment, All Shoppes, Leatherwork

Mischief Masks

a vase with a pink umbrella


All Shoppes, Whimsies, Adornment

The Royal Fan Shoppe

Handmade Feather Accessories

Feather fans, Feather Hair Pieces, Feather Accessories

a group of people wearing costumes


Clothiers, All Shoppes

Pendragon Costumes

For over a quarter-century Pendragon Costumes has provided fine hand-crafted costuming and clothing to the Ren Faire community. Specializing in leather we offer traditional, historically-inspired, Renaissance garb and original neo-Victorian designs for both men & women. Owner/Designer Nicole Fullerton continues to personally craft over 90% of all our products.


For Your Castle, Glasswork

Glass Pumpkin Patch

Hand blown glass Pumpkins, gourds and glasswork!


All Shoppes, Clothiers

Iris Adornments & Corsetry

Corsets, tops, skirts, overskirts & Ann Boleyn type headpieces


All Shoppes, For Your Castle

White Wizard and Friends

White Wizard sculptures, pottery, hand crafted original design hats, scarves and jackets.


All Shoppes, For Your Castle

The Lily Pad

The Lily Pad will feature a rotating inventory of handcrafted items to adorn your castle. With items such as original artwork and paintings, sculptures, books, hand crafted jewelry, and other fine knick knacks and creation. All items represent the Renaissance & Fantasy experience, allowing you to take a piece of The Texas Renaissance Festival Themed Weekend Schedule home with you. All items are created by American Artisans & Authors and many qualify as "handcrafted by Proud Texas Artists".


For Your Castle, All Shoppes, Portraits and Prints

Mirrored Art

Copper framed pictures with mirrors


All Shoppes, Leatherwork

Shadowed Stranger

Leather costuming


All Shoppes, Leatherwork

O'Sullivan's Fur Shack

Leather goods


All Shoppes, Leatherwork

Tread Light

Original designed leather sandals.


All Shoppes, For Your Castle, Clothiers, Metalwork, Weaponry

Knights of the Grail

Steel, leather and wooden armor; custom build to order armor orders; paint to order shields; weaponry

All Shoppes, Leatherwork

Gryphon Leathersmiths

Leather Armour


All Shoppes, For Your Castle

Spirit Gardens

Imported crystals/stones, metal sculptures and various items.


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Green Eyed Unicorn

Original designed Art Nouveau painted home goods.


All Shoppes, For Your Castle

Hobbit House Apothecary

Bulk herbs, beeswax candles, bowls and plates, candle sticks, inks, parchment, paper, maps of wood and leather, leather pouches, walking staffs, glass figurines.


All Shoppes, Whimsies

Madam Grimm's

Teddy Bear 4 to 5 cotter pin style creatures, button or bead jointed plush stuffed animals/dolls, owl puffs, mixed media dolls, silicone dolls.


All Shoppes, Children's Fare

Young at Heart

Wooden back massagers, wooden wands of various shapes (ie. Stars, moons, animals, etc.)

a group of metal objects


All Shoppes, Adornment

Marty Magic Jewelry

Marty Magic is run by Alisha and Marty, a mother-daughter team. They create their unique designs in their Tomball, Texas and Santa Cruz, California studios. Their jewelry is made in America. Their jewelry is created by the lost wax process and is cast in bronze, sterling silver and 14K gold. Fantasy and the magic of nature are their muses. Ear Cuffs and Ear Wraps are their specialty and many of their designs have been worn by the stars. Prince, Star Trek and Sofia Boutella of the Mummy are just a few.


All Shoppes, Adornment

Fairy Circle Garlands

Upscale garlands


For Your Castle, All Shoppes

Sol Prisms

Sun catcher, Earrings, Necklaces, Cut Glass, Beads


Woodcrafters, All Shoppes

Wood Roses


Adornment, All Shoppes

Royal Party Hats


All Shoppes, Adornment



All Shoppes, Children's Fare

Jugglers Nest


For Your Castle, All Shoppes, Delectables

The Royal Bee

All Shoppes, Adornment

Life Tree Leather

Leather bodices and accessories


All Shoppes, Weaponry

Crimson Dawn

LED Lightsabers

223, 224

Adornment, All Shoppes

Tecuani Trading Post

Jewelry, chimes, and gifts purchased for resale


All Shoppes

Phat Dragon