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Volume 1, Issue 4

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A HOT New Experience Awaits You

Forge Your Own Metal Adventure from the Mouths of Fire Breathing Dragons

Welcome to the realm of dragons! This is not your average blacksmith demonstration; join us for an adventure in which YOU wield the hammer to forge your own piece. We bring you beyond the barrier of observer and into the forge itself. Here, you become the hero of your very own blacksmithing adventure. Your unique memento begins to glow in the breath of our fire breathing forges and is at the command of your hammer blows with the guidance of our professional smiths. An interactive, hands-on, blend of history and fantasy that is fiery forging fun for the whole family ages 6 and up. No skills needed.

Are you brave enough to stand the heat of the Dragon Forge Experience? Walk-ins welcome with availability or saveth some time and bookth online.

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Want Some Extra Cash Around the Holidays This Year? Get a Job Here at TRF.

Work one of the many seasonal 8-weekend jobs available at TRF.

There are two categories of jobs currently available at TRF - work for our vendors and merchants ( in their booths) or positions with the festival itself. Both job types are available for the 8-weekends of the festival, during October and November.

Merchants & Vendors Job Faire: If you are looking for a seasonal job at TRF, come to the Annual Job Faire, Saturday, September 9th beginning promptly at 10 a.m. at the festival grounds. Merchants and Vendors will be looking to fill over 400 open positions for the 2023 season. Vendors and merchants will be on-site to meet prospective employees to fill positions ranging from retail sales to food prep in a kitchen and everything in between.

Merchant, Vendors and TRF Job Listings: In addition, we will be updating our Job Listings pages on the TRF website frequently in the coming months. Revisit these pages weekly to view newly posted jobs.

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The Renaissance Era Was A Little Weird

5 Truly Crazy Facts About The Renaissance Era

  1. The Renaissance Era local barber was not only responsible for trimming your tangled locks, he would also pull your teeth, give you an enema and perform various minor surgeries. Now that is a barber shop you can drink your mead and hang out at all day long.
  2. Men were not expected to get married before the age of 30, as they were considered not grown up enough for marriage. Women, on the other hand, were expected to be married by 16 or 17 years old. So, we can blame the Renaissance Era for women growing up faster than men.
  3. The Renaissance Era started in Italy and then spread to other parts of Europe. However, the word "Renaissance" is a French word meaning "re-birth", because people at that time were beginning to look at a lot of things with renewed interest, and many things changed at that time. So, France 1, Italy 0.
  4. If you look at Renaissance Era portraits, a lot of women's hairstyles have hair covering their ears. Why? There was a myth at the time that the Virgin Mary got pregnant through her ear when she heard the word of God.
  5. Facial foundation at the time was a mixture of white lead and vinegar. Smearing this lead-based foundation often led to a gray, shriveled appearance after years of use, not to mention lead poisoning. Mercury, sulfur, and chalk were also applied to the face for various skincare reasons, all of which caused medical issues. Did we not learn anything from all that?
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Sponsor Spotlight

Global Exchange Vacations Club: Gold Sponsor of TRF

TRF is pleased to announce that Global Exchange Vacations Club is one of our Gold Sponsors this year.

What is GEVC? With Global Exchange Vacation Club, vacation ownership is effortless and affordable. Powered by a internationally-based points system, a luxury vacation exchange allows for you to enjoy greater flexibility and the convenience of vacation ownership. Being one of the most trusted names in vacation ownership and the exchange industry, we welcome you to start experiencing the vacation dreams you and your family deserve.

GEVC's Philosophy: Life is about the journey, your family, and the memories we make along the way. You deserve the opportunity to travel and enjoy a lifetime of affordable luxury vacations.

GEVC's Commitment: To provide our members with the highest standards of quality and service as we continue to be acknowledged as a leader in the vacation ownership industry.

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Dallas Museum of Art 

Next Time You are in Dallas, Check Out the DMA

TRF wants to give a shoutout to our new friends at the Dallas Museum of Art. From contemporary installations to paintings and sculptures, there's a whole world to explore at the DMA. Enjoy more than 25,000 works of art, grab a bite at the DMA Cafe, or just get some fresh air in the Museum's outdoor spaces. Want more? You can also bring the kids for art-inspired activities and shop at the DMA Store. You're free to design a DMA experience that's uniquely you.

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Speaking The King's English

Get to know some basic phrases and dialects spoken here at TRF.

Some guests feel intimidated when they hear, the" King's or Queen's English", being spoken at the Texas Renaissance Festival. But don't be shy. Here are some helpful phrases and hints that will enhance your experience and have you speaking TRF's English like you belong.

The "English" used at TRF is like the language in William Shakespeare's plays. So, try using words like Thee, Thou, and Thy, sprinkle in some Wouldst, Didst, Dost, Canst, Twill, Twas, and Twould, and do not fret if you get them mixed up at first, it is all just for fun.

You may hear folks exclaiming, Huzzah, throughout the village. This is simply an earlier form of Hooray or Hurrah. It is a way of showing your appreciation and praise, use it whenever you wish to show your support or excitement.

You may also notice many different ways you are greeted at the festival:

  • Good day, My Lady, or My Lord.
  • Hail to thee, goodly gentles.
  • Welcome and well met.
  • Thou art most welcome!

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