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 If I wear a costume can I get in free?

  • While we encourage our guests to come in costume and join in the fun, there is no discount given to those dressed in costume.


What do tickets cost at the gate?

  • Adults (ages 13 & older)- $30
  • Children (ages 5-12)- $15


  • Children ages 4 and under are admitted free every Festival Day.
  • The cost of gate tickets remains the same throughout the entire day.

How much is parking?

  • General Parking is free.
  • Preferred Parking is $15 per vehicle at the Festival entrance or $10 per vehicle if purchased online through our website, Preferred Parking allows patrons to park in the first 8-9 rows nearest the Festival gates and provides free shuttle service to the entrance.
  • We have handicap accessible parking located nearest the front gate. There are also designated areas for motor homes and motorcycles.
  • The TRF security officers will be happy to direct you to the appropriate area.

Are there any additional costs besides the entry fee?

  • All stage shows and other entertainment are included with admission. Games, rides, food and beverages will incur additional charges.

Where can I buy discount tickets?

  • Discount tickets may be purchased on our website,, or at participating Walgreens Drug Stores. You can also purchase tickets over the phone by calling 800-458-3435, between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, Monday – Thursday.
  • Group Discount Tickets are available to groups of 25 or more adults. Group Discount Tickets are $19 for adults and $9 for children. For more information, email groups@texrenfest or call our office at 800-458-3435


Do you offer a discount for Senior Citizens or Military?

  • Yes. Special $19.00 tickets may be purchased by Senior Citizens (over 62), members of the US Military and Military Veterans, and First Responders. These discounts are ONLY available at the gate with valid photo ID. Members of the Military may purchase up to 4 tickets per Military ID per festival day at the discount price. First Responders must provide current photo ID that identifies them as such and may purchase up to 4 tickets at the discount price.

Can we leave the park without paying to re-enter?

  • Yes. Please have your hand stamped at the exit gate when you leave. When you re-enter the Park, show your stamped hand to the Beefeaters for re-entry. The front gates close at approximately 6 PM and you cannot re-enter after that time.

What time do you open and/or close?

  • Our gates open at 9 AM and close at approximately 6 PM.  The park closes at 8 pm immediately following the Royal Fireworks. There is a wonderful show performed at our front gates prior to opening that you don’t want to miss. Arriving early also ensures a parking space closer to the front gate.

What time is the Grande Marche Parade and where does it begin?

  • The parade takes place every day at noon and begins next to the Globe Stage.

Can we bring in food & drinks? How about for our infant/small child?

  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the festival gates; however you may bring in food for infants and toddlers. For individuals and families dealing with food allergies, you may bring food items inside the festival gates. IMPORTANT: You must be able to verify the allergies with a note from your physician; medical back up goes a long way to help you get what you need. In addition, the festival has a standing policy allowing exit and re-entry. Don’t forget to get your hand stamped as you exit.
  • Allergies and Air Quality: Please understand this is a high traffic, 55-acre open air theme park enjoyed by over 600,000 people during our season; Allergy contaminants are most certainly present in all areas of the venue.

How much money should I bring to spend on food for the day?

  • This is entirely up to you. Food prices range from $2 to $12 and drinks start at $3. We offer a wonderful array of food choices from smoked turkey legs to banana empanadas and everything in between. There is something here for every taste.

Do the vendors accept credit cards and/or checks?

  • Most vendors accept credit cards, with the exception of the food booths. Also, there are ATMs available throughout the park. The majority will not accept checks.

Do you rent motorized scooters, wheelchairs, strollers, or wagons?

  • We have a vendor located outside our front gate that offers all of these. The cost of a stroller for the entire day is $16.25. Wagon rental for the day is $23.75. Wheelchairs may be rented for the day for $24.00 Electric scooters can be rented by the hour for $14.00 per hour (with a 4 hour minimum) or can be rented for the entire day, weather permitting, for $69.75. All equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. Most of the equipment is typically rented out by 9 AM – 11 AM. Rental of equipment does require a credit card. There is a 300lb max load on the scooters, a 250lb max load on wheelchairs, and a 125lb max limit on wagons. Please note that electric scooters are weather permitting. Please visit Belrose Rentals for more information. (All equipment tax included)

Can we bring our own wheelchairs/wagons/strollers?

  • Although we do have these items for rent, you can also bring your own. The grounds are very hard packed and you should have no problems maneuvering.

Can I rent a costume?

  • Yes. Belrose, the costume rental shoppe, is located outside our front gate and their prices are as follows: children $8-$22, adult $18-$39.50, adult upper class $42-$65.

    For Renaissance costume rentals at faires, please visit

    Click on renaissance faires. For costume rental questions at San Rafael location,
    please call 415 454 6422 between 
    noon and 4 Tuesday thru Saturday.

What is the Weapons Policy?

  • Pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter the Texas Renaissance Festival property with a concealed handgun.

  • Pursuant to Section 30.07, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with an openly carried handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter Texas Renaissance Festival property with a handgun that is openly carried.

  • Any swords, rapiers, edged or pointed, etc. that are worn as a part of your costume MUST BE SHEATHED AND PEACE TIED. You can secure them with leather straps or zip ties. No unsecured weapons will be allowed into the Festival site.

Do you issue rain checks?

  • No rain checks are given. We are open rain or shine, and all acts will be performed as scheduled unless conditions threaten the safety of the participants. Official Texas Renaissance Festival panchos are sold on rain days throughout the park for $5.

Are there indoor shops or shelters in case it rains?

  • Some of the shoppes are covered, although as a rule they aren’t very large. The sidewalks are covered, and the many stage seating areas are covered to some extent.

What type of shops will I find at the Texas Renaissance Festival?

  • Our shoppe owners offer handmade crafts, wondrous works of art, and even some exports from mysterious faraway lands.

Can we bring pets?

  • No. Pets are not permitted on the festival grounds. The Texas Renaissance Festival has many animals inside the 55 acre theme park, some exotic. Household pets can spread disease to our animals. No dogs or other pets are allowed on the festival grounds, except Service Dogs. We prefer that Service Dogs have proper identification (vest, documentation, etc.) when you bring them into the festival gates. Service dogs may be taken to any area in the festival.

Are there accommodations nearby?

  • We have a primitive campground north of the Festival entrance gates. There are also numerous hotels and campgrounds within comfortable driving distance. Please refer to our Lodging and Camping pages or call our office for more information.

What is the charge for camping? What does the charge include?

  • Camping is available for $25.00 per vehicle for the weekend with the purchase of festival tickets. There are no water, electric or sewer hookups, although porta-privies are available. There are water stations with potable water. There are attended restrooms, showers and dressing areas located near the campground entrance. For more information refer to our Camping page or call 800-458-3435 for more information.

What time does the campground gate close?

  • Entry into the campgrounds is available 24 hours a day, beginning at Noon on Friday. Check out time is no later than Noon on Monday.

What do I do if I lose my keys, phone, camera, or any other item while at the Texas Renaissance Festival?

  • The Festival does have a lost and found at the Information Booth just inside the front gate. If an item is found on the grounds on a Festival day, the item will be turned into the lost and found. You may continue to check back periodically throughout the day if your item has yet to be turned in. After a weekend, all items in the lost and found are taken to the main office by Tuesday as well as any items the grounds crew might find upon the final cleanup of the weekend. The office will accept calls about lost and found items from Tuesday – Friday from 8-5 at 800-458-3435. Please be able to tell the staff a description of the item and what weekend it was lost.

What do I do in case of a medical emergency while at the Festival?

  • The Texas Renaissance Festival is concerned about the health and safety of our guests and participants. Therefore, we ensure to have emergency medical personnel on site. For minor emergencies, please take the sick or injured person to First Aide, which is located near the front gates by Dragonslayer. For major emergencies, please send someone to the nearest food merchant and request medical assistance. Each food merchant has a radio which connects them to emergency personnel. Please try to relay as much information about the situation as possible.

What do I do if I lose my child or group?

  • All lost children will be taken by Security to the Information Booth where attempts to contact family will be made. Should you find a lost child, or lose a child, please contact the nearest food merchant to radio for assistance. We also offer the following advice and tips to prevent being separated from your group:
  • If you have young children we highly recommend giving the child something with your contact information on it JUST IN CASE they get separated from the group. This can be anything from a sticker with your contact number to a small card they have in their pocket.
    Have your group pre-plan meet up times and locations if you plan to split up. While you may trade phone numbers, service signal on TRF grounds can be unreliable.