Masks, boxes, frames, crosses, figurines, copper frames, & mirrors, indian rugs, baskets, clothing, jewelry.

Authentic Wardrobe

Feather fans, feather halos, crowns, feather headpieces, feather masks, feather hat pieces, headpieces, feather earrings, feather purses and feather collars. Feather cloaks and capes and custom feather wings!
Casta Diva
49 and 251

Original design clothing

Catskill Mountain Moccasins

We have been making custom moccasins for over 30 years. Every pair of our moccasins are custom made from a cast of each persons feet and legs. We are the oldest and most respected custom moccasin makers in the world. Our customers reach every walk of life from fashion designers like Donna Karan and Anna Sui to musicians like Joni Mitchell and Erika Badu, to film stars like Tommy Lee Jones and Benecio Del Toro to grand parents, teens and tens of thousands very happy Catskill Mountain Moccasin customers.

As a master artisan and master Mason I take the tradition of Master teaching apprentice very seriously. Over the 30 years of my business I have had the honor of teaching some of the finest artisans In the renaissance business. Our family of dedicated, talented and loyal artisans, with over 160 years of combined custom footwear design and construction, is second to none. We invite every patron to visit us and see why Catskill Mountain Moccasins makes the finest footwear in the world. We also invite you to visit our website at

ChainMaille Fashions

ChainMaille fashions and carved coin jewelry.


Original design Men’s & Women’s Renaissance Clothing


Leather Steampunk pouches, baldries, bracers, belts, mens and ladies steampunk clothing including ladies garters, men & ladies tophats, steampunk goggles and steampunk accessories, designed by Dealy Express Inc

Dealy Express Inc: Renboots
514 & 520

Boots, shoes, hats, gloves, pouches, baldric, leather clothing, misc. leather products

Tartan & casual kilts, shirts, Celtic footwear, belts, sporrans and Celtic accessories.

Dragon’s Den Costumes

Costumes and accessories for the entire family.  Hats and headpieces, feather accents, air brush art, painting art/painted capes.  Our items are designed and hand-made by owners.

Gypsy clothing, belly dance outfits, Renaissance garb, jewelry and accessories
Masks,boxes, frames, crosses, figurines, copper frames & mirrors, half moon, & sun decorations, catrinas, clothing, semi-precious stones, silver jewelry.


A visit to New Market Village begins with  Dragonslayer, for the first viewing of the years production of Official TRF Tankards, the newest T Shirts and coordinating caps.  It’s the one place festival goers must visit to prepare themselves for the day.  Key chains, pins, caps, sweats –a virtual cornucopia of TRF Collectibles is awaiting the discerning villager.

Dragonslayer is the home of the world famous pewter collectible goblets and tankards–items that have never been duplicated by any Renaissance Festival.

Most of these items are available at each of the “minislayers” located in three different areas on site, for the patrons convenience.

Faire Pair

Handmade medieval-inspired clothing by Faire Pair.


Our fabrics (including the velvets) are made of “dry-wicking” breezy stretchy goodness so you are amazingly comfortable in most all kinds of weather. Everything washes too.


We feature Wedding gowns and Bridesmaid gowns, Grooms and Groomsmen wear.


Outerwear choices include Grand-Cloaks, Capes, Wraps, Hooded-Mantles and Fleece 4-in-one Capes for the very cold days.


We are well known for our Dresses, Tops, Tunics, Tabards, Vests and glorious Robes.


For the wee ones, we have a selection of kids clothing too including kid capes and mantled hoods.


Maternity?…No problem! We have you comfortably covered. Come to see the photos of the moms-to-be wearing the off-the-rack goodies. Yay stretchy-goodness!


Our Tights and Shorts will cure your chafing bits (We are looking at you funny-walking kilt-guy).


Curves are encouraged here. Ladies size 0-26 and Mens up to 4X.


We are a fun and friendly bunch so do come by. Welcome and prepare to be awe-inspiring!

, ,

Garments, fairy costumes, costume accessories, hats, bags, sarongs, leather items, cloak pins, clasps, charms, jewelry, plastic swords, flutes, incense, instruments, wood hammers, clubs, canes, staffs


Handmade ladies billie kilts, standard kilt skirt, ruana, blouse, chemise, ladies belts, bags, Scottish dress, Men’s kilts, men’s belts; Scottish accessories

Hearts Delight
221, 244, and 313
625I, 209, & 210

Kilts, Great kilts, tartan sashes, sporrans, kilt belts and buckles, tartan capes, ghillie shirts, kilt pins, kilt hose, ghillie shoes, Glangarry and Balmoral hats, cargo kilts, ladies tartan accessories, celtic clothes

Jiva Silk Originals

Silk scarves and veils, clothing made from scarves, accessories and more!

John Coiner Pottery
16, 17, and 233

Original, handmade pottery by John Coiner & belly dance clothing, scarfs, belly dance jewelry, and assorted drinkware & brass drinking ware.


Original design Men’s & Women’s Renaissance Clothing

Lost Island

Original design belly dance outfits, gypsy wear, jewelry and accessories.

Moresca Clothing & Costume
My Favorite Dress Shop

One of a kind clothing art by Dakota Zayles. Products include: hand painted dresses, corsets, skirts, jackets, custom made fairy coats, and top hats.

Peacocks and Dragonflies
Pendragon Costumes
Renaissance Moccasins

Return to a time of real nobility when they understood the importance of beautiful yet comfortable footwear.  Nothing quite compares to Renaissance Moccasins.  Equisite leather.  Soft comfort.  Rugged durability.  Stop by and choose the perfect shoe that captures your imagination and fits your lifestyle.

Renaissance Moccasins…leaves imitations to the weak of heart!

Scarlett’s Corset

Specializing in corsets, skirts, tops, overskirts and related ladies accessories.

972 931-2493
Son of Sandlar
402 and 420

Leather boots and leather apparel.

Storm Leather Werks

Steel, leather and wooden armor; custom build to order armor orders; paint to order shields; weaponry.

Full contact Live action sword sparring in medieval armor with wooden and rebated swords .

Featuring the Historic Medieval Battle Group-The Knights of Ragnarok!
Shows are in front of booth #524     K.O.R Armory/storm leather works:


The Belrose
165 & 166 (Outside the Front Gate)

Costumes, wheelchairs, scooters, wagons and stroller rentals.

You will need to have a credit card and identification to rent all costumes and any equipment.

Costumes, wheelchairs, scooters, wagons and stroller rentals.

**Scooter rentals are weather permitting**


Weight Limits:

300lbs max – Scooters

250lbs max – Wheelchairs

125lbs max – Wagons
The Hat People

Hats,caps, and gifts

Unicorn Clothing

Original design clothing by Teri Evans


Dawn Runkel began a study of the weaver’s art may years ago as a simple hobby. From such humble beginnings, she has grown to become a master of this centuries-old craft. Her demonstrations present the entire craft of spinning and weaving from selecting raw wools to the spinner’s wheel then finally to the weaver’s loom to create an original, handcrafted work of art.

45 & 262

Renaissance Festival wear: shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and rope dragons!


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