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An Adventure All Your Own - A TRF Scavenger Hunt

An Adventure All Your Own - A TRF Scavenger Hunt

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1-3 Hour On Average, Self-Paced, Fun-Filled, Multi-Puzzle Scavenger Hunt.

An Adventure All Your Own; A TRF Scavenger Hunt, is a 1-3 hour on average, self paced, fun filled, multi-puzzle scavenger hunt that take Patrons around New Market meeting characters, visiting booths, and solving puzzles in order to ultimately redeem their puzzle solving skills for a souvenir.

Patrons hold the key to their success in their own hands. Following an original map of New Market, patrons will be lead to hand crafted, wood engraved puzzles which have been hung at various locations around New Market. These puzzles will challenge patrons on miniature knowledge acquiring tasks while traversing the faire learning about locations, entertainment acts, interacting with the courts, and seeing sights they may have otherwise overlooked in order to gain the knowledge necessary to solve a series of simple but clever and rewarding puzzles. In the end patrons are rewarded for their quick wit and puzzle solving prowess.

These maps can be purchased at the Super Epic Merchant Cart inside the front gate across from the Queen's Pantry, at the Quest Table in front of the Tecuani Trading Post (Booth 224), or from one of the roaming kettle corn sellers for $35. Upon successful completion of the scavenger hunt, one will recieve 1 Free Souvenir T-shirt ($22 value) - which means you get to enjoy hours on entertainment for just $13! Additional shirts may be purchased upon completion for groups or family members who wish to have a tribal symbol of their memories.

An Adventure All Your Own can be enjoyed solo, or with a clan, group, or family, and is acceptable for both adults and children.

More Information & Updates

Self paced, averaging 2 hours

Entire New Market grounds

Start Location:
Map pickup located at Tecuani Trading Post booth #224

Ticket Price:
Upon completion patrons can redeem a free souvenir t-shirt. Only one t-shirt per ticket. Additional t-shirts available for purchase.

There are a limited number of prizes per day, so don't delay to secure your spot! If you would like to purchase tickets for An Adventure All Your Own day of, please visit Tecuani Trading Post, booth #224, or the Super Epic Merchant cart by the front gate (In front of Queens Pantry) in person.

Online tickets are sold by each weekend. It is up to you when you start and finish the hunt!

The festival is rain or shine, and so is An Adventure All Your Own. Once purchased, there are no refunds or exchanges.

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