The Festival opens on October 9, 2021!





Can you smell the empanadas?




New Entertainment

We are pleased to welcome them to the Kingdom as they join over 50 world renowned performers, musicians and dancers that grace our stages and fill the lanes of the Texas Renaissance Festival.

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Amanda Kitchens

This Singer/Songwriter/Accordionista is based out of Austin, TX. Her musical influences are steeped in years of study of music from The Balkans and Italy with a flavor that is reminiscent of a 1940s cabaret of Romany jazz nouveau and vaudeville spirituals from her own southern upbringing.

The Cloister in the Green


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Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves is lovingly referred to as a "public humiliation" torture show. At Dangerous Curves booing is required!

Barbarian Inn


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The Washing Well Wenches

The Washing Well Wenches are the funniest pair of "ladies" you'll ever meet! Part vaudeville, part sketch comedy, full-on entertaining, the Washing Well Wenches make interactive theater fun for everyone! They'll knock your socks off, into the washpit that is! Good clean fun, wet dirty women!

Forest Gazebo


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Thomas Wood the Pyrojuggler

Juggling and fire-eating Pyrojuggler ( Thomas Wood has been making audiences laugh, scream and squirm for over 30 years with his own stylized take on an ancient art, making it seem new again. You can expect unabashed humor, audience participation and things you can't un-see, yet thoroughly enjoyed.

The Cloister in the Green


New Shopping

We are excited to welcome several new shops and vendors to the Texas Renaissance Festival family this season!

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Texas Renaissance Festival Escape Rooms

2021 brings four escape adventures to the Texas Renaissance Festival, in a giant, newly renovated Air-Conditioned location!

For contact and more information, visit .


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Artemis Designs

Booth #9EF, #10EF

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Blackbeard's Booty

Booth #4EF

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Bug in the Box

Bug in the Box offers a great selection of exotic insects and butterflies from all around the world. We offer stylish handmade insect shadow frames.

Enchanted Forest Expansion - 12EF

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Crimson Chain Leatherworks

Crimson Chain Leatherworks creates fantastic leather costume pieces and accessories for your LARP, fantasy, cosplay, faire garb and other nerdy necessities.

Enchanted Forest Expansion - 18EF

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Dragon's Tower Slide


Elisabella's Royal Closet

Booth #131

H&H Glass Castle

Booth #19EF

Journeyman Leather

Booth #511

Kackle King


Kiyan's Cove

Booth #264

Pandora's Box

Booth F11

a bunch of items that are on display

Primal Dreams

Booth #423

Sabersmith Swords

Booth #241

Scribal Workshop

Booth #6EF

a person sitting on a bed

The Petrified Dragon

Booth #422

a group of people walking down a dirt road

The Pirate Museum


Widgets and Gizmos

Booth #14EF


Wyrmwood Public House

Booth #225 Upstairs

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Odin's Table

"Lift Thy Glasses!"

Odin's Table is a unique Texas Wine Tasting, and one fit for the Gods. Curated by knowledgeable staff, you will taste through 5 very distinct Haak wines:

  • Mead-style White wine
  • White Port
  • Tawny Port
  • Blanc du Bois Madeira
  • "Renaissance" Madeira

This tasting is interactive, educational, entertaining and also includes a commemorative wine glass with TRF and Haak logos.

Outside the private Tasting Times, Odin's Table will welcome all patrons of the Faire to enjoy glass and bottle sales.

Odin's Table will be closed to non-ticketed patrons during the designated Tasting Time Slots in order to provide a private tasting experience.

The Wine Tasting is $30/person

a tent on a wooden table

DaVinci's Flying Machines

More information coming soon!

Del Lago

Del Lago

New to The Kingdom this season is an expanded area named Del Lago. Located near the Jousting Arena, we have moved the horse stables back near the lake and are building several new shoppes. Among them, a new food vendor whose speciality is French Tacos. Also joining Del Lago, wine tasting. Care to explore the newest addition to The Kingdom?

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Pricing and Information

Sir LocksAlot will keep your belongings safe at The Keep.

New Market Village's locker and storage rental facility is located just inside the village entrance.

PRICES are for all-day access - come and go as you please.
  • XL Locker $25 per Day
  • LG Locker $20 per Day
  • Hook for Oversize Items $20 per Day
  • Refundable Key Deposit $10
  • Concierge Service $15 for up to 5 pickups; $25 for unlimited pickups and heavy objects (+35 lbs) - Call 913-706-5471
Try our latest service - Concierge! Don't carry stuff around all day.
Buy it, call us, we pick it up and transport it to Shoppe #1.
You pick it up on the way out. We've got you covered.
Only one concierge per family; no piggybacking!

Every locker has a USB charger.
Forgot your phone charging cable? No problem, you can purchase one at a great price!

Won't fit in a locker? Hooks are available in the back for oversize items!
Call 913-706-5471 for a pick-up!

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