The Festival opens on October 7, 2023!





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Stay & Play

What Is Included

  • (1) Festival Admission Ticket for Saturday
  • (1) Festival Admission Ticket for Sunday
  • (1) Weekend Camping Pass (Thursday to Monday)
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The Dragon Forge Experience

A HOT New Experience Awaits You

Forge Your Own Metal Adventure from the Mouths of Fire Breathing Dragons
Welcome to the realm of dragons! This is not your average blacksmith demonstration; join us for an adventure in which YOU wield the hammer to forge your own piece. We bring you beyond the barrier of observer and into the forge itself. Here, you become the hero of your very own blacksmithing adventure. Your unique memento begins to glow in the breath of our fire breathing forges and is at the command of your hammer blows with the guidance of our professional smiths. An interactive, hands-on, blend of history and fantasy that is fiery forging fun for the whole family ages 6 and up. No skills needed.

Are you brave enough to stand the heat of the Dragon Forge Experience? Walk-ins welcome with availability or saveth some time and bookth online.

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New Entertainment

We are pleased to welcome them to the Kingdom, as they join over 50 world renowned performers, musicians and dancers that grace our stages and fill the lanes of the Texas Renaissance Festival.

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Wolgemut. Sounds like "Volga" (as in the river) and "moot" (as in point), Wolgemut is an ancient Germanic word which simply means "to be in a good mood" and is both the name as well as the mission of this high-energy early music troupe. The band, under the leadership of artistic director Michael Gartner, delivers a joyful, raucous show that makes early music fresh and exciting. Founded in 1997 in Berlin, Germany, Wolgemut has appeared at music and historical festivals throughout Europe and the United States.

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Opal the Fairy

My name is Opal Wispopal Thistle Koi, but to save seconds, You may call Me Opal The Fairy. I have yet to learn how to speak human, however what I lack in speech, I make up for in whimsy. Through expression, movement, and my secret power of bubbles I spread joy for children of all ages!


Hilarious fastpitch #Fakespeare shows, including Half Hour Hamlet and 30-Minute Macbeth. You've never seen Shakespeare like this!

Bawdy Beer Revue

Ménage à Moi Comedy

The Spice Boys

New Featured Shops

We are excited to welcome several new shops and vendors to the Texas Renaissance Festival family this season!

Enchanted Hats

Fantasy headwear and accessories including, jewel tiaras, flower headdresses, crowns, princess cones, wigs, hair falls, hair extensions, and children's costuming and accessories.


Booth: 127

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Lockers & Concierge


Sir LocksAlot will keep your belongings safe at The Keep. New Market Village's locker and storage rental facility is located just inside the village entrance. Every locker has a USB charger. But, if you forgot your phone charging cable? No problem, you can purchase one at a great price!

Won't fit in a locker? Hooks are available in the back for oversize items!

Don't Want to Carry Stuff Around All Day?

Try our latest service - Concierge! Don't carry stuff around all day. Buy it, call us, we pick it up and transport it to Shoppe #1. You pick it up on the way out. We've got you covered. Only one concierge per family; no piggybacking! Call 913-706-5471 for a pick-up!

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New Shops

We are excited to welcome several new shops and vendors to the Texas Renaissance Festival family this season!

Mystique Tiaras

Crystal and platinum tiaras and crowns.

Location: Florence Market

Booth: F29

Whimsical Wears

Handcrafted paper flower crowns, silk crowns, ivy flower crowns, silk crowns, dried flower crowns, antlers, feather headbands, fancy, and unicorn crowns.

Location: Enchanted Forest

Booth: 628

Castle of Kindness

Spell bath bombs, self-love soap, honeysuckle and jasmine soap, facial soap, sweet dreams night oil, rose water toning mist, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, lip balms, perfume roll-ons, sunscreen, body oil candles, and sugar scrubs.

Location: Florence Market

Booth: F20

Uplifting Jewelry

Handcrafted ear vines, ear climbers, ear cuffs, silver opal rings, silver opal studs, and silver opal bracelets.

Location: Mockingbird Lane

Booth: 324B

Fairies & Fangs

Fairy, wolf, bat, dragon, and cat themed figurines, statues, wings, wands, wearables, garden decorations, jewelry, stained glass, wall hangings, tapestries, pictures, and home décor items.


Booth: 304

Gilded Parasol

Paper parasols, canvas parasols, lace parasols, rayon parasols, children's parasols, and hand fans.

Location: Enchanted Forest

Booth: 81

Dragon Cat Leather

Original handcrafted leather goods including holsters, journal covers, masks, pouches, bags, scrolls, bracers, wallets, purses, totes, bracelets, belts, earrings, hair wraps and leather accessories.


Booth: 625F

Rugged History Beard Co.

Men's grooming products including beard oils, balms, butters, beard wash, beard conditioner, soaps, body wash, and lotions.

Location: Florence Market

Booth: F16

What’s In A Name Rings

Custom stamped, stainless-steel rings and necklaces made on the spot.

Location: Florence Market

Booth: F21