The inherent risk of COVID-19 in any public location has led us to heighten our safety precautions using recommended best practices and guidelines from the CDC and the State of Texas. 

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School Days


As with any field trip, there are always ways to plan in advance to make the trip experience more enjoyable for both the students and teachers. Here are a few tips about making the most of the experience at the Texas Renaissance Festival!

  • Watch the Weather! The Texas Renaissance Festival is an outdoor event, open rain or shine. Check weather reports to advise students, parents, chaperones, and teachers attending what to wear.
  • Advise students and chaperones to wear comfortable footwear they can walk around in. The festival site is 55 acres. For those in need, there are wheelchairs available. Please contact if you need more information on the wheelchairs on site for a student or chaperone.
  • There is no limit at Texas Renaissance Festival School Days on chaperones or parents attending to assist with students. The more adults you have, the easier your trip will be!
  • If you have young students, or students with learning disabilities, we highly recommend giving each student something with your contact information on it JUST IN CASE they get separated from the group. This can be anything from a sticker with your contact number to a small card they have in their pocket. Every year we have at least one lost child who does not know how to reach their group.
  • Print lots of copies of the map! While we do post large maps at each bathroom around site and have maps withiin the purchasable Souvenir Program, the only way to guarantee that each member of your group has a map of the site is to make your own copies in advance.
  • Pre-Plan meet up spots and locations with your group if you plan to split up. While you may trade phone numbers, service signal on TRF grounds can be unreliable. It is best to plan times and locations in advance just in case.
  • The performance schedule is posted on the website prior to the event. Keep in mind that this is a different schedule than the one on regular Festival weekends! Look over the schedule and plan your day ahead of time.