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The Best Shows in Houston are Actually in the Village of New Market!

June 21, 2021


After so many months of isolation and boredom, many people are finally looking forward to getting out again. As you start making your entertainment wish list and checking out shows in Houston, you may notice that you've got some choices to make.

Are you going to a concert? Live music sounds like a great option, but what about theater? Or a comedian? Or maybe you'll want something the kids can enjoy too, like a circus act full of amazing feats of daring.

Some of you are probably getting ahead of me.

Yes, all of these entertainment options (and many, many more) are included in your ticket price when you visit the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Music to Your Ears

If it's a concert you're after, you're in luck. The Texas Renaissance Festival hosts dozens of musicians each year to delight and entertain.

Here you'll find large stage concert sets, roving bands of minstrels, and everything in between. You can hardly take a step in the Village of New Market without encountering a lone fiddle player in the garden or hearing the thunderous rhythms of a Celtic thrash band.

If you think all Renaissance Festival music probably sounds the same, we cordially invite you to think again! You'll hear the quiet beauty of the harp, the heartbeat of a percussion ensemble, and the war-cry of the bagpipes. While musical genres will, of course, include Medieval and Celtic tunes, you'll also be treated to folk music, gypsy dances, and so much more.

Action, Adventure, and Laughs Galore

Are you interested in live theater? Incredible action? Stand-up comics? The Texas Renaissance Festival hosts dozens of performers on over 20 stages.

You'll find outrageous antics at The Mud Show, thrill to the daring pyro-juggler, and become entranced at Wyrmwood Public House. Witness full-armored combat, a whip-cracking knife thrower, and an amazing escape artist!

If you're in the mood for a laugh, head down to the Washing Well Wenches show for an interactive comedy spectacle. Or perhaps you're interested in some bawdy theatre from the boys of Sound and Fury? Or the women of Opal and Jade? Good times and belly laughs are easy to find at the festival.

Don't forget to finish your day with the astounding displays of Solar Rain. These fire dancers will amaze you with their pyrotechnic stunts and intricate choreography. As the sparks and flames begin to die on the ground, they come to life again overhead in the brilliant Royal Fireworks display. It's an astounding spectacle - not to be missed!

For the Wee Ones

If you need to entertain the whole family, we've got you covered there too. While most of our shows are great for the little ones, we've got a few, in particular, you won't want to miss.

Make sure to catch the Birds of Prey. These professional falconers show off the majesty and skill of hawks, falcons, owls, and more! The Living Fountain is a beautiful, magical experience your kids will surely talk about for the whole ride home. And don't forget the Clan Tynker Family Circus! This one show alone features music, juggling, comedy, magic, acrobatics, and fire dancing.

For a real family treat, head down to the Arena and watch a real jousting tournament. Cheer on your favorite knight as the King announces these men of iron. This one is sure to become your new family tradition.

Dozens of Shows, One Ticket

The Texas Renaissance Festival will be waiting for you and your family this October through November. Before you shell out the cash for just one concert or theater show, remember that the best shows in Houston are actually just a little way up the road in the Village of New Market!

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