Father Christmas and His Elves

November 22, 2017


The North Pole is absolutely bustling with activity as Father Christmas, Mother Christmas, and all the elves get ready for the big day. But it's Celtic Christmas at the Texas Renaissance Festival, so they are taking time out to visit and finalize last-minute Christmas wishes. Here are a few of the jolly elves you might find as you enter the village this weekend!

Maria Christina Kringle Christmas (Mother Christmas) is the CMO (Chief Magical Operating Officer) and Sr. Vice President, Elf Relations for Christmas Town Inc., a division of North Pole Enterprises. A scion of the famous Kringle family, one of the last toymakers to the king, she and her husband Nicholas are well-known in holiday circles and oversee the vast North Pole Enterprises holdings. While Nicholas is the face of the company, it is Maria Christina who keeps the empire running smoothly.

Moishe Menorawitz is New Market's resident small miracle worker, here at the festival with his wife/lovely assistant Golda. They are taking a break from their usual miracle-working to help their good friends and bridge partners, Mother and Father Christmas. Moishe and Golda love getting in the holiday spirit, even if they are having a hard time getting "Celtic Chanukah" to catch on.

Stich works hard all day long making spectacular clothing for all the children. She makes sure to visit all the centers of culture and the hottest runway shows to make sure all her designs are on fleek. Make sure you bring your favorite costume to the contest at 2 of the clock at the arena!

Agnes works in research and development. She helps to design everything from toys to sleigh enhancements. She prefers to be called Aggie as she is only called Agnes when she is in trouble, which is often. If you have any great ideas for toys be sure to find Agnes and she will sketch it out to take back and prototype at the North Pole!

Sugar and Spice make everything nice!! They are in charge of the production and distribution of all the candy here in New Market Village. They love to sing, dance and tell stories in their free time.

Crayon is a thoughtful artist who has a keen eye for detail and illustrates each Christmas card with passion. She can be found accompanied by her ferret friend, Cinnamon. Crayon also loves to play and sometimes dance.

Ichipop is a boisterous elf who loves wrapping paper and ribbons. This makes her perfect for making sure all of the Christmas presents are expertly wrapped. You will likely find her ribbons all over the festival. Her influence reaches from Italy to Spain and even England. The "secret" underground candy cartel is her true passion, though. Exotic chocolates and strange taffies find their way into Christmas presents all around the world….the first one is free…

Snail spends her days tending to the gardens and nurseries of the North Pole, ensuring all the poinsettias are the pointiest and the Christmas trees are in tip-top shape for the season. Unfortunately, she has severe allergies to the plants she works with so she always seems to be sniffling. But she always makes the best of it and hopes everyone will enjoy the work that she and her green thumbs have done to make Christmas the best time of the year!

Yukon Cornwilliam is the greatest prospector of the North! He has stumbled his way to New Market Village with his rag-tag band of Sled Dogs and his very own Baby Bumble! Together they are all here to strike it rich for Silver and Gold, but now he also assisting Mother Christmas and the elves with their peppermint mine operation.

Sparkle DeGlitter is finally in charge of decorations after so many years on probation. But when you're a Transylvanian elf, you're expected to be on the naughty list.

Peppy is like totally the cheerleader in the group. I mean she like spreads the Christmas cheer. You can totally come join and be part of her cheer squad we are always looking for noise-makers and woo girls to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in everyone's hearts!

And Jingles…well…Jingles are just herself.

All photos by Steven David, Houston Event Photos