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Welcome to The Largest Renaissance Festival in All the Land!

June 03, 2021


"Size isn't everything." Well, that may be true until you're handed a turkey leg the size of a toothpick (And no one wants that, now, do they?).

Fortunately, when it comes to the Texas Renaissance Festival, size IS everything! Our festival is the largest renaissance festival in the United States and takes place in a sprawling 55-acre 16th century English village filled with shoppes, food, entertainment, and much more.

Read on for a look at what we have to offer right here in the great state of Texas - where bigger is always better!

Renaissance Shoppes and Artisans

Our festival is home to more than 450 merchants selling wares from around the world. Many of these are handmade - some right before your eyes!

Here you'll find clothing, toys, and musical instruments. Craftsmen produce leather goods, furniture, home decor, and so much more. In the market for an authentic weapon or a piece of armor? How about fairy wings or a tarot deck? You'll find it all in the village of New Market.

Be sure to check out our artisan demonstrations as well! Watch as blacksmiths, glass blowers, coin makers, and more create their wares. It's a truly mesmerizing experience.

Food from Across the Kingdom

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the premier destination for world cuisine each year. Try food and drink, both common and uncommon, but all delicious!

You'll be able to sample dishes such as England's bangers and mash, the Greek gyro, or Poland's dill pickle soup. How about a Spanish empanada or German bratwurst? We've got that too. Have we mentioned the Italian options yet? Or the French?

Seriously, we could be here forever listing the wondrous variety of dining options available at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Perhaps it would be better to drop a link here so you can browse some of our offerings and start planning breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. You don't want to be adventuring on an empty stomach!

Renaissance Shows to Delight Our Audience

What's a festival without entertainment? We host dozens of performers at the Texas Renaissance Festival, some on our 21 stages and many more milling about amongst you, ready to amaze and delight at a moment's notice.

Stop by for a family circus, thrill to an amazing escape artist, and cheer on your favorite knight in the joust. We've got trained falcons, musicians, fire dancers, and death-defying feats of daring. Enjoy the filthy funnymen of the Mud Show. Bring the kids to Birds of Prey. The possibilities are endless!

All of these acts are included in your ticket price, so see as many as you can! Feel free to either schedule out your day or simply wander around the festival and grab a seat at a show that catches your eye. There's no wrong way to enjoy the Texas Ren Fest.

And Much More...

We haven't even touched on the rides, the games, or special events. Somewhere between all of the shopping, the food, and the shows, you'll want to make time to fire a crossbow, ride a llama, or become King of the Log. Let the kids try out the maze or conquer Jacob's Ladder. Time for a break? Have a leisurely stroll (and an even more leisurely seat) in the Enchanted Garden.

With so many entertaining options, how are you supposed to fit it all in one day? The bad news is you can't. The good news is you're welcome to come back again and again.

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