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Grüß Gott

September 27, 2018





Waiting to welcome you to a fantastic Octoberfest, the German Court will be hosting our first weekend of the season.

The long-suffering head of the German Court, Duke Johann von Cleves III is a loving husband and doting father. He is a fair-minded ruler who always seeks the via media in any dispute. He is frequently seen chatting with his chief adviser: the eagle head on his staff.

His wife, the Duchess Maria von Cleves is a quirky, inquisitive lady who loves to sing. Sibylle von Cleves is their eldest daughter. Although a princess,she is more likely to be found out in the garden, helping make her native Bavaria more beautiful. Princess Anne von Cleves is not content with merely being royal; she has set her signs on becoming a queen, no matter what it takes. Her ambition is matched only by her fierce competitiveness, which can be seen as she leads cheers at the Jousting Arena.

The most outrageous, beautiful, talented, and crazy of her sisters, Princess Amalia von Cleves is madly in love with her jousting knight Sir Otto, but can still be seen stealing the heart of every man who crosses her path. Prince Wilhelm von Cleves is the Duke and Duchess' only son. He is a studious soul with his head often stuck in the clouds. Princess Liesl Scharlachrot von Cleves is the youngest, and obsessed with finding the wolf she believes killed her grandmother.

Rounding out the court is Baronness Bernadine Munchausen, a vivacious, out-going teller of tales who has led a very adventurous life, which she will eagerly share. Helga von Ballbrech is a cousin to the von Cleeves, outgoing and sweet, but not all there. She tends to live in her own little world. World-famous (at least in her own mind) opera soprano Gretchen Webber can often be heard with her beautiful voice raised in song.

Finally, and very importantly, Hans is the renowned maker of Zeigenbock and winner of the annual "Hold My Stein, Watch This" competition and a master of the drunken martial art of Beer Chi. Come celebrate a Sparkle Party with him and his paddle squad.

All of the Royal German Court are eager to welcome you to the "Best Octoberfest EVER" the weekend of September 30th and October 1st. Lift up your cares, and your stein!

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