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Middlelands, The First

May 09, 2017




We've all had a day to rest, so it's time to reflect on the amazing event that we just had here at TRF: Middlelands Music Fest! This show, a partnership with Electric Daisy Carnival, Insomniac, and C3 Productions, has been years in the making, and as a first time music fest attendee, I saw a lot of really amazing things. Here are a few of those amazing things:


Headliners, we are shocked and disappointed by today's decision from Texas Renaissance Festival officials to no longer host at the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds. We entered into this partnership with the shared idea of creating a safe and magical experience for our fans as well as the surrounding communities of Todd Mission.

Sometime fresh eyes can bring fresh ideas.

I have loved the TRF grounds for 17 years, and so many people have loved them for twice as long. I walk them several times a week, so I know them pretty well. But when the Middlelands folks came in, they saw our grounds with completely fresh eyes, and they brought new ideas to us about how the space could be utilized. We are still wrapping our heads around some of it- can we incorporate the cool new bridge that connects the campground to the back stage area? Should we reconfigure the campground a little bit? Perhaps we can add some night lighting to enhance the evening ambience of the festival? We still aren't sure how it will all play out, but it was tremendous to see our beautiful grounds used in creative new ways.

Local law enforcement is amazing

With something like 30,000 festival goers, we had just under 40 arrests, and no accidents on the roads. A huge team of law enforcement officers from various agencies worked together to keep everyone safe. These men and women are incredible. We owe them a lot of gratitude!

So to all of you who came- thanks. We loved having you here with your PLUR and your fun. We hope to see you again- maybe this fall!

Middlelands Might Be The Best Festival of 2017 [Must See]

Well, it's official - Middlelands might just be the best festival of 2017. Although the festival is only on day two, early reactions from fans is that of overall amazement. Since its announcement last spring, Middlelands was by far the most

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