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Calling All Renaissance Festival Vendors Far and Wide!

May 20, 2021


Do you have great products to sell that would fit right in with our lovely 16th century English village? Are you an artisan who loves demonstrating your skills before wondering eyes? If this sounds like you, you might be a perfect candidate for the Texas Renaissance Festival! We're always looking for amazing festival vendors.

Why Become a Texas Renaissance Festival Vendor?

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the largest celebration of its kind in the country. We host nearly 400 shoppes and 21 performance stages in our 55-acre village. Each year, over 450,000 guests walk through our gates.

That's 450,000 potential customers over an eight-week period!

Whether you've sold your wares at faires before or are completely new to this type of venue, you can't go wrong with the Texas Renaissance Festival. We carefully vet all vendor candidates to ensure that it's a good fit for everyone. After a successful season with us, you may even be invited to build your own permanent store here on the grounds!

A World of Wares

Here at the Village of New Market, we play host to almost every kind of shoppe imaginable. From musical instruments to clothes, from swords and shields to home decor, there's something new and unique around every corner.

We're especially fond of vendors who make their own handcrafted wares! If you have skills in woodworking, sewing, or other crafts, we'd love to hear from you. Your products can help keep our festival new, exciting, and authentic.

Don't hesitate just because you don't see a shoppe quite like yours at the festival. We're always on the lookout for unique wares to offer our guests. Come be the artisan who starts the next trend!

Show Us Your Skills

Speaking of artisans, perhaps watching you make your product is a piece of performance art all on its own. Our patrons love watching the work of blacksmiths, coin makers, glassblowers, and basket weavers. These demonstrations are perhaps the most effective advertising you can get at the festival. They're a great way to draw a crowd!

If the creation of your art is as mesmerizing and fascinating to others as it is to you, let us know! We'd love to talk to you about joining the ranks of our artisan demonstrators. There's always room for another wonder at the festival.

Act Now

We're still taking vendor applications for the 2021 season at the Texas Renaissance Festival, but you'll need to hurry. You can find our vendor application here, and feel free to email our Vendor Coordinator Darla Smith with any questions at

We're excited to see new festival vendors this season!

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