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Pirates, Oktoberfest, and Faeries, Oh My!

May 13, 2021


While there's definitely no bad time to enjoy the Texas Renaissance Festival, it pays to plan your trip around your favorite parts. That's why each weekend, we take an aspect of our medieval celebration and turn it up to 11! Let's take a deep dive into our themed weekends and find the ones that are perfect for you.

Texas Renaissance Festival Themed Weekends

Some choose to visit on one specific weekend each year; some choose several! Either way you decide to plan your Texas Renaissance Festival experience, there are plenty of options for everyone in the whole family.


Are you ready for a celebration of all things Bavarian? The first of our themed weekends is all about beer, bratwurst, and lederhosen! Enjoy the best cuisine from Germany and Poland, dance the polka, and go for the gold in our costume contest. Oktoberfest is the perfect party to welcome autumn.

1001 Dreams

Our Renaissance Festival isn't a stickler for things like "history" or "accuracy" or "reality." We're all about fun. What better way to highlight the excitement of medieval castles and forests than unleashing the magical creatures of your dreams? Meet the faerie folk, enter the castle of a dragon slayer, and let your imagination run wild!

Pirate Adventure

Take to the high seas with the rowdiest bunch of ne'er-do-wells in the kingdom. Our Pirate Adventure weekend is all about sword fights, buried treasure, and fashionable eye patches. Show off your finest pirate attire in the costume contest, attend a tasting of the King's best rums, or visit the Pirate Museum - located inside a massive pirate ship!

All Hallows Eve

It's time to let the monsters out to play! All Hallows Eve weekend is absolutely crawling with ghosts, trolls, orcs, and dragons! Are you brave enough to attend the scariest days of the faire? Yes, you probably are, because our Halloween celebrations are fun for the whole family.

Heroes and Villains

Good vs. Evil. It's at the heart of every fairy tale you've ever heard. This weekend, it's time to choose a side! Fortunately, there's no wrong answer.

Meet the best of the best and the worst of the worst as the festival is split into two warring factions… Heroes and Villains. Will you show your best colors or your dark side? Either way, you could win the costume contest!

Barbarian Invasion

And you thought the pirates were a raucous group. Barbarian Invasion weekend sees the Great Horde let loose on the Village of New Market. It's time for feasting, drinking, and plundering!

Visit the Barbarian Inn for food and drinks, try your hand at throwing a battle axe, and celebrate good, dirty fun at The Mud Show.

Highland Fling

Grab your kilt; it's time for plaid and pipes!

Our Highland Fling is the perfect time for a Royal Scotch Tasting or a concert from the premiere Scottish rockers of the festival - Tartanic! Be sure to meet the Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Scottish Court as you enjoy the faire with a touch of brogue.

Celtic Christmas

Our final festival weekend is all about the Yuletide season. For a full three days, experience the sights and sounds of Christmas cheer as the Texas Renaissance Festival becomes adorned with holly and mistletoe.

Get beautiful and unique gifts for everyone on your list, take in the sounds of Celtic carols, and meet Father Christmas himself.

Find Your Storybook Moment

With all of these fantastic weekends to choose from, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Are you a pirate or a true Scotsman? A vicious barbarian or a knight in shining armor? Don't worry. You're welcome to the kingdom for as many weekends as you want! All of the fun begins on October 9th with Oktoberfest!

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